Why him? - G Dragon (Arranged Marriage) Prologue

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I stared at the ceiling, a soft sigh leaving my lips. One would think that I have a loving mother and father but the thing is, it’s all an act. I am the daughter of a businessman and a gold digging step mother. I rolled my eyes as I heard my stepmother throw one of tantrums. She wasn’t always like this though, when I first met her she seemed lovely and caring but that was just an act, She’s cruel to me, she makes me feel horrible about myself. As I mentioned, my father is a businessman but my step mother, she’s a housewife. Which is ironic since she’s never home. And well me - I’m a senior in high school. I’m your average girl, not too social but not anti social. I play sports, and have good grades, and just like every girl out there I like to go shopping and get my nails done ect. 

Footsteps were quickly made their way towards my room, as quickly sat up and reached for the nearest book near me, opening and pretending to be studying. I paused, there was no knock, just when I was about to lay back my father barged in, “get up you rascal, you’re spending the night at your grandmothers again.” With that said he left just as quickly as he gotten here. Quietly I got out of bed and got my sports bag from under my bed, taking out my soccer cleats, uniform, and soccer ball. Slowly I took out clean clothes and folded them nicely, placing them in my bag once folded. I also packed my books and school supplies, after all it was Friday and there was a high possibility that I would spent the whole weekend not just the night at my grandmothers.

Once I was set I grabbed my phone and bag and made my way to the car, knowing the procedure already. I got in and let the car ride begin, my father not saying a word to me at all. In all honestly it did hurt a bit and sadly my heart had gotten used to it. Once there I got out and didn’t bother saying goodbyes to my father, at the end of the day he could care less. My hand came in contact with the door, knocking on it softly. Soon my grandmother let me in, no emotions showing, nothing new. I went straight to my room, I spend so much time here there was a designated room for me. 

My feet lead me inside and my hand slowly pushed the door, causing it to close. I stared out the window, there was time like these were I felt like no one wanted me. But how wouldn’t I feel this way? My father kicks me out of the house all the time, my mother makes sure I understand how much she dislikes my presence, and my grandmother makes me feel like a burden everytime my father drops me off. However, there’s someone who makes me feel like I’m wanted, and that’s my grandfather. I took out my phone from my pocket and checked the time, 6:46 pm. A smile spread through my face, he would soon be home and make me feel so much better. 

After a few minutes of being in my room I decided to walk downstairs, coming face to face with my grandmother.

“Have you done your homework?” She questioned,

“It’s only Fri-”

“I didn’t ask what day it was. I asked if you done your homework yet.” 

“Well I was thinking since it was only Friday…I would start it tomorrow…” I whispered

She raised her eyebrow, “That’s nonsense, get back up there and start it. Once dinner is being served I will call you down, And once dinner is over you will go back upstairs and finish it. After you’re done you will study for 3 more hours, understood? I don’t want any more stupid people in this family, your step mother has enough stupidity already.” She looked at me and then spoke up once again. “You’re dismissed.”

With that I quickly turned around and made my way back upstairs.

Hello everyone this is just the prologue to my new series, please let me know what you think! Character profiles will be posted tomorrow~