Dangerous Woman Tour Seattle Soundcheck Highlights

-Someone asked her what we can expect from A3 and she was like, “It’s in stores, ‘Dangerous Woman’, you can go buy it in stores now!”

- Someone asked her about singing Only 1 and she said, “That’s my favorite song but I feel like it’s not other people’s favorite song.”

-Someone asked, “If you could be a normal person for the day, what would you do?” and she responded, “Well, um… I am a normal person.”

- Ariana said, “I’m average as fuck”

- Ariana talked about her favorite dinosaur

- She said her favorite episode of Victorious to film was the cupcake one because they were all so close and they all improv’d yelling at Trina

- When Ariana was answering a question, Toulouse started barking and she said, “Hold on, my son is speaking” and held the microphone to his mouth

[and now for a few non-soundcheck moments]

- A fan got caught with their phone and they were kicked out (unclear if out of the meet & greet or out of the concert in general)

- A fan told her how much we love and appreciate her and even though she sees a lot of negativity on twitter, we genuinely care about her and want her to be happy and that this tour is incredible and she should be so proud, and she was so happy about that.

Early Morning Soup

Hi hi everyone, i am absolutely delighted to announce @jaggedarchetypes wrote a piece based on this comic and its?? so good??? and once again im absolutely at a loss for words & im so very touched oh my god?? please read it under the cut he captured the feeling so well!!!!

For one who felt so exhausted, actual rest sure seemed to allude Hanzo Shimada. Midnight had him tossing and turning, one AM had him pacing, two AM had him outside jogging and walking, and three AM had him resigned to the fate of another sleepless night. But at least, if not a relaxed mind, his exercise had worked up a sizable appetite.

By three fifteen, Hanzo was showered, and by three thirty he was glaring tiredly into a pot. He’d sampled his soup perhaps a dozen times, but the flavor stubbornly refused to be like the one of his childhood. So, Hanzo sent out a text. Then one more, just for good measure.

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Arch of Nero

Capitoline hill, Rome

58-62 CE

The arch was erected in the years between  58 and 62 CE and was designed to commemorate victories won by Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo in Parthia. Located on the slope of the Capitoline Hill in a locality referred to as inter duos lucos, the arch is known from coin representations, in which it appears as an arch with a single bay surmounted by a quadriga. The arch likely was destroyed soon after Nero’s death in 68 CE