New In Town

The Fey Bar is a new blog dedicated to helping members of the LGBTA+ community find Online Table top game groups without having to worry too much about Homophobia, Sexism or Racism.

If your looking for a group, or to start a game Just Submit your request, I’ll post it, and my hopes are, people will find it and want to play. 

Also for any people who are new to the whole Table top Game thing, I’ll be willing to run One off Adventures for people to help teach them how to play certain systems, and help spread the fun of Table top adventures.

I know it’s somewhat impossible to completely keep people who are sexist, homophobic or racist, from people invading the space, to the fact that being LGBTA+ doesn’t make you a saint.  But I will try to block those I get complaints about

Also if you have any questions I do have a Q&A on the blog.

All in all, I really want to help create a place safe from people who spew horrible hate filled language, and think rape jokes are acceptable.  Just a place where the LGBTA+ community can relax and play table top rpgs together