Let's talk about Queen!

Y'know, it’s extremely hard to find a band who have covered practically every genre known to man, and done it as well as these guys. In fact, I’m not even sure such band exists, besides Queen.

Not only have they stormed the charts for YEARS (and still are to this day), the boys have influenced many with their unique style. Let’s face it, you hear a song on the radio that you’ve never heard of before, yet in a matter of seconds you KNOW it’s a Queen song. As soon as you hear the unmistakable first note of the Red Special, you KNOW.

For a band to stretch over several different genres and yet be absolutely distinctive, is incredible. If it’s not Brian’s guitar, it’s the
powerfully clear vocal of Freddie Mercury, or the unquestionable percussion of Roger Taylor and of course the awe-inspiring bass from John Deacon, all four parts fit together absolutely wonderfully. And yet if that’s not enough for you, one word: HARMONIES. 3 voices that fit together so utterly beautifully in the same band? Surely you couldn’t get that lucky, but they DID. Freddie’s extraordinary ability to vocally do pretty much anything, Roger being particularly strong in the high register and Brian in the lower register meant for harmonies that literally could melt you.

But that’s not all! Queen are one of few bands/artists that have written every single song on every single one of their albums. Something that should be applauded, its outstanding. That is definitely not to say that bands who cover songs are less worthy and shouldn’t be celebrated, but this is an incredible achievement that should not just be passed over! Leading on from this, EACH member of the band have penned a number 1. I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) Queen are the ONLY band to have ever accomplished this - again, absolutely outstanding. All four of them brought something special and unique to their music, which is why they have been able to do what they have done, and why people are still ,forty-odd years later, playing/discovering their music and enjoying it.

Queen have achieved an incredible amount throughout their career. Unfortunately they’ve had an absolute hellish time with music critics, but they DID NOT CARE. Queen are a band for the people and always will be, fuck what the critics say because you only have to look at the hundreds of millions of records sold to realise that what these guys have done for music is FUCKING OUTSTANDING.