thedukenator  asked:

How would you rate 2016 in terms of gaming? And what are your most anticipated games of 2017?

It feels like we hit another iceberg this year. Or, at a bare minimum, grazed it. Hardware sales, formerly monolithic, have begun to taper off. Precipitated by the release of marginally upgraded consoles. While software sales - even by the subpar standards of recent years - have underperformed in the extreme. While some games have set franchise records, others (particularly sequels, like Dishonored 2 and Titanfall 2) have shit every bed in the building. And while, for example, Titanfall 2′s sales slide is likely due to a clown-shoes release window against Battlefield 1 (which I suspect EA were convinced would be a flop, rather than the other way around)… other games are just… not very good. I’ll be extrapolating on this further in a proper review, but Dishonored 2…? Is not selling because it’s bad. 

Supremely, shockingly bad. 

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was a solid sequel, if a bit experimental for some peoples’ tastes (what, with the narrowed scope etc.) and I loved it more than any hybrid RPG since… well, since the last Deus Ex title. Doom was great

And there have undoubtedly been the little gems, as well. Particularly on the PC side. I raved about Blues & Bullets (and I wish the struggling studio godspeed as they attempt to rally and finish it), I enjoyed Solarix, and there’s even a more recent early-release title we’ll be making a video for in the near future that I’m absolutely enamored with. 

But the bombs. My GOD, the sheer destructive scope of the bombs this year. 

Titanfall 2.
Dishonored 2.

Even once-proud, habitually bankable franchises like Call of Duty are struggling. While Battlefield 1 (along with Doom, one of the most enjoyable Triple-A shooters I’ve played in a decade or more) broke a franchise record by moving 3.5 million units in its first week… Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare opened with one of its most disappointing launches ever for the same period. Just 300k more units than Battlefield 1 globally. Which is absurd for a franchise that has traditionally left its competition in the dust. 

In terms of game quality? 2016 is a year of peaks and valleys, like any other. 
Factoring in the batshit decision to ship half-upgrades of existing consoles just 3 years into their life cycle, even as major, triple-A releases are already dying on the vine? 

That’s a monumental miscalculation any way you slice it. Let’s pray it isn’t a costly one. 

As for anticipated games? I’m stoked from Cyberpunk 2077. I like CD Projekt alright. I simply took umbrage with their plagiarized source material. And I am eager to see what they do with a franchise that doesn’t have such a well-defined lead character. It should be fascinating to see them embrace things like full character customization. One of the major hurdles that prevents me from considering The Witcher a ‘true’ RPG, in the traditional sense, will have been ameliorated, at that point. Battletech looks incredible (even in pre-pre-pre-Alpha), and I’m of course breathlessly waiting for System Shock 3 and Underworld: Ascendant from the ghost of Looking Glass Studios: Otherside Entertainment. 



It been about 4 years now since this trailer came out. Still waiting patiently.