The Choice  (Spoilers for 4x16)


It had taken two days to corner him.

Two days and the steadily mounting annoyance of the fact.

He’d suddenly gotten very good at avoiding her

"Harvey." She started, closing the door. "We need to talk. Now.”

"Not now, Donna." He replied, sighing into his dimly lit office

"No, it’s gonna be right now. You’ve ignored me for two days.”

He looked up then, a heaviness on his face.

"Donna, I really don’t feel like talking." He said quietly, looking vacantly at her.

She stepped forward, that adrenaline giving her just the right amount of momentum she needed.

"Harvey, the other night, you came to my apartment, and you were actually honest with me. And for the first time…you let your guard down. And then you ran away, but not before you told me that you love me.” She gestured, trying to stop her voice from peeling at the remembrance of such a thing.

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"Go ahead and send me back. If you can."