g: zelo

Zelo: Make-up

You’d been working as a make-up artist for KBS for little over a year now and you’d met most of the main names in the television and music industry. You enjoyed your job, it gave you opportunities to meet people that some fans would kill to meet, one of those being B.A.P. They were the first group you did make-up on and you got on with all of them like a house on fire, Junhong especially. They were on one of the newer variety shows this particular evening and you were busy setting all your make-up out before you heard them heading down the corridor, soon, Jongup came bursting into the room, grinning at you - followed by 4 other smiling faces.
“___! Haven’t seen you in a while.” Yongguk nodded, giving you a quick hug, sitting down on the chair furthest from the door, like he usually did, the others taking the other seats. You furrowed your brows, someone was missing.
“Where’s Junhong?” You were closer to him than anyone else, well you considered yourself to be. A week after meeting you guys had exchanged numbers and were texting from the moment you woke up to the moment you went asleep; your personalities really clicked, you’d even organised to meet up a couple of times. 
“So, whose the other make-up artist today? Do we know her?” Daehyun piped up. You paused for thought, about to answer when the door flung open and a fairly tall young lady walked in, followed shortly by someone even taller with a stupid grin on his face.

As much as you enjoyed spending time with Junhong, he did this thing where he’d deliberately stand beside you, making you look small enough to be his daughter, you hated it; before he could even make that move you pushed him backwards, causing him to land into the chair. The young lady was the other make-up artist, you didn’t know her too well and so left her to deal with Jongup as you started work on Junhong.
“You’re late.” You said sternly, standing in front of him as you searched for the foundation that was teh closest to his skin colour. Junhong scoffed loudly, nudging your leg with his foot.
“You’re one to talk, you’re always late to everything.” He replied, pulling a face at you as you turned around. You rolled your eyes and kicked him back, pressing your pad to the foundation, beginning to pat it over his forehead. Junhong kept his eyes firmly on you, tilting his head as he reached out to twirl a few strands of your hair around his fingers
“You look different today, did you cut your hair?” He lowered the volume of his voice, not that it’d make much difference, the boys were talking so loudly they wouldn’t hear a single word of what Junhong would say. You raised an eyebrow and put the foundation away, taking out the lipgloss.
“Dyed it a lighter colour, why?” You smiled a little, he took a few more strands of your hair into his fingers as you moved in closer, the breath got hitched in your throat as he pouted his lips a little, eyes once more settling on yours as you pressed the lip gloss to his lips.
“I like it.” He whispered, you felt your cheeks heat up, a small laugh escaping from your lips as you shook your head.
“Shut up.” You kicked him again.
“Make me.”