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How was this never a thing?

How did this never become a storyline, because !!!

They had amazing chemistry, and their story arc would have paralleled the Logan/Veronica/Lilly tragic triangle in so many ways.

Picture Molly having to hide another ‘cholo’ lover from her bigoted mobster family? It would have added an extra layer to the Thumper betrayal if the Fitzpatricks killed Weevil’s best friend, took his gang from him and then kept him from his girlfriend.

Maybe it started as a way for Molly to prove her uncle killed Felix? No way was she over what they’d done, she would have wanted revenge. But she wouldn’t have the balls to try it on her own, she would have been too afraid.

But then Weevil got mixed up with her family and she just couldn’t let anything happen to him, despite their mutual aversion to each other. Felix would have wanted her to help his best friend, and she owed him that much, since she was the reason Felix was killed.

So Molly would have propositioned Weevil with a partnership - the opportunity to work together to defeat a common enemy. For Felix.

But as they spent time together, Weevil might have begun to see what Felix saw in Molly. His feelings might have grown into something different? Something unexpected.

Imagine Molly trying to work some espionage in order to help Weevil, and Weevil going out of his mind with worry. Logically, accepting Molly’s help would be his best bet at proving a connection between Thumper and her uncle, since she knew where all of the bodies were buried. But at what cost? Liam was a straight up psycho and Weevil wouldn’t want to risk Molly’s safety just to get himself vengeance.

And to protect her, he would pretend to hate her, push her away, anything to keep her safe.

Molly wouldn’t listen, of course, because she was as stubborn as he was. She could see through his bullshit. She wasn’t one to take anything at face value. Weevil might have said he didn’t want to be with her, but she could feel him staring at her from across the courtyard, and you don’t waste your time doing that over a girl you don’t care about.

She was determined to avenge Felix’s death and keep Weevil out of her uncle’s crosshairs, even if that meant playing ball with the Fitzpatrick gang in a way she always swore she wouldn’t…