g: v: 205

TJ Perkins, 205′s resident MemeLord. 
I can’t for a second believe this dabtastic tumblr shitpost in human form is 32 years old ie. OLDER THAN MUSTAFA/DAIVARI/JACK GALLAGHER no, nope. Not having it.
He’s the peppy, energetic, annoying baby brother backstage who deserves all the noogies he’s getting to that perfectly pomade hair. 

He’s gonna be sending everyone fanfics he finds amusing and having competitions on who has better fanart with Mustafa Ali and diverting their driving routes for Pokemon Go, and yelling at Youtube comment sections and writing five-page essays about Legend of Zelda conspiracy theories before he inevitably gets dragged off by Mustafa/Jack to adult. 
I’d cut him some slack though—-he’s had it rough growing up being homeless and shit, so if he wants to dab/do nerd things then please child be one with your inner nerd forever. 

Also one of the easier guys to draw because he has a face practically made for Shonen anime. 

In a special edition of I-don’t-know-wtf-I’m-doing, Oni tries some birthday Art Noveau to….varying degrees of success. 

So for all y'all wrestling fans it’s MA BOI’S Mustafa Ali’s B'day right now on the 28th, go wish him a good one while I whisper comforting words to my hand :“D
The gold khat on top reads "Shehzada Khusti” ie. closest approximation to “Prince of Wrestling” and the loop de loops on the top corners are the Arabic spelling for his name ie. “Mustafa Ali”. 

Mustafa Ali finds out there’s a lot more to the King of the Cruiserweights than he initially expected :’3
Post-comeback, Neville (who’s fully accepted his half-fae side during his absence) sees other mortals to be lesser than him, but he always finds the ones who get in his face despite their obvious fears interesting, and definitely worth his attention even with the obvious annoyance they pose. 
Especially this one who fancies himself a Prince. 

Ali grew up with stories about Djinns though. He’s not backing down. 


Okay, but Mustafa Ali and Ariya Daivari as Muslim bash brothers is my new favorite thing, like the two of them communicate regularly on Twitter (Ali stans Ariya, Ariya teases Ali), and they’re perfect foils to one another. 
Ali’s the calm, collected former officer of the law who has his shit in order, calculates strategies and relies on kicks/his legs to get the job done.
Ariya’s the hotheaded, swaggering Prince Zuko sort who’s kind of a mess and raring to throw down with anyone who crosses him and relies a lot on brute strength/fists to wear an opponent down. 

Ali’s the moon to Ariya’s sun. 

Bonus edition headcanon: Ali’s nickname for Ariya is ‘Sher’ (Lion in Urdu) for obvious reasons, while Ariya’s for Ali is ‘Khargoosh/Khargush’ (Rabbit in Farsi) because Ali’s a bouncy, flippy little shit with bunny teeth. 
That’s right, they’re kindasorta Tiger and Bunny for anyone who watches the anime :’B 

Of course, being road wives with Ariya entails ensuring that he doesn’t launch himself into eight simultaneous fistfight without giving those eight the chance to run first. Ali’s diplomatic like that. 

Also the second piece is a little more peaceful and personal. 
I’ve never actually drawn people doing the Salah before, so I like to imagine these two finding a quiet spot backstage somewhere among the noise and the activity to lay their bearings down for ten minutes to talk to God before they suit up for work.