g: tv: bones

With the new raptorik and it’s voice mimic ability I 100% headcanon them as guerrilla tactic dragon hunters who use their mimicry skills to imitate dragon voices to lure their targets

Taking down a dragon is a rite of passage and it’s seen as a symbol of power to wear the skin of one. Some of the most renowned hunters sport pelts and hoods of guardians and ridgebacks, and a skilled blade/skinner can keep the spikes intact enough to serve as a nasty deterrent to attackers when the pelt is donned.

Bones: This baby alien is alone and harmed! We need to take care of him

Kirk: Alright, I’ll be the mom

Bones: That’s not what I mea-

Spock: Captain, if you are the mother, I believe I should be the father

Bones: What are you talking ab-

Kirk: But what about Bones?


Spock: He will be our second child