g: the rock

therock Friday. 230am. Good people. Hard work.
Lining up the shots for the rest of the night with my #SkyscraperMovie director, Rawson Thurber.
Proud of this dude.
Fresh out of USC Film School, he breaks into Hollywood with a hit movie that he wrote and directed, called, DODGEBALL.
He follows that up with another hit movie, WE ARE THE MILLERS.
He then follows that up with another hit movie, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE with me and my much bigger twin @kevinhart4real.
Refusing to be pigeonholed as a “comedy director”, he goes away for six months and writes a script that is not only reflective of who he is as a man, husband and new father, but also reflective of the kinds of big tent pole movies that have always inspired him from STAR WARS to RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARC.
The script becomes one of Hollywood’s hottest scripts of 2016 causing a huge bidding war (true story) between every studio. The studios who won that war were Legendary Studios and Universal Studios.
The name of the script… SKYSCRAPER.
This guy has the potential to go down as one of the best true writer/directors ever.
Too bad he’s an asshole.
Kidding, he’s family to me and literally one of the nicest humans I’ve ever known.
Eh he’s still an asshole.
#OnSet #RawsonThurber #SkyscraperMovie

I’d sell my soul for a movie staring The Rock, Vin Diesel, and Terry Crews where The Rock its a baker, Vin is a classical musician, and Terry is a photographer.

They get drinks after work and talk about their day and their love lives.  Terry gives great dating advice, Vin finally finds love, and The Rock bakes his wedding cake in the end. 

That’s the whole movie. It’s basically a chick flick but it stars The Rock, Vin Diesel, and Terry Crews.