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Fool’s Gold by @tvshows-addict

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating:  Explicit

Word count:  55K 

Status: Complete !!!!

Leaflet for Over Again Inc.

“In relationships, there are three types of people: those who are happy, those who are unhappy but accept it and deal, those who are unhappy and in denial.

Handling this last category is our job: we are professional couple breakers.

To reach our goal, we use all means necessary.”

Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up.

Poster by the wonderful @melmanpur


Castlevania | Teaser: Vengeance | Netflix

Chapter 27 Teaser pt.2

So, I promised a more serious teaser for chapter 27. Here it is. 

He knows, deep down, that no matter how Victor reacts to the bond, he won’t leave Yuuri. He’s stuck with him through everything so far, so he won’t just up and run. But even if he won’t run, it doesn’t mean he’s going to reciprocate anything.

But knowing is better than wondering, isn’t it?


Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Teaser