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that pouty thing™ haechan does when he talks

I am so gay because 40% of all homeless youth are LGBTQ
I am so gay because one in 12 trans people will be murdered
I am so gay because the same systems say gay people are less than and need to obliged by our standards of what is normal are the same system that justify police brutality, discrimination, voter discrimination laws.
But most importantly i am so gay because loving resources that provides me with so much strength like my parents that it would be selfish and wrong not to share that with the people that do not have them yet.
-Thomas Lloyd, Why Am I So Gay

I was showing @feverfantassy how i color and!!

I made two variants!! there were supposed to be more ( because honestly i have 10 million styles for coloring) but!!

these are the more common one i like using ( the first being somewhat of a lazy way i color when i don’t want to try  aa hh )

maybe i’ll update this with more variants? if I’m in the mood- 

so,,, i dont have my tablet yet?? so this took me a good 3 hours with a mouse?????
anyways i have no access to a pencil and i wanted some davekat so i colored some lineart by @official-spec (ps??? hO W ?/??? its so good what)
/edit: i didnt color the nails//// s HI T?????

[2] 4378) Empecé a releer un libro que hace años era mi preferido y me di cuenta de que mi personaje favorito está luchando contra un trastorno alimenticio. Nunca lo mencionan porque no es el personaje principal, pero habla de que se salta comidas y de que no quiere drogarse porque luego le dan ganas de comer. Se provoca el vómito cuando está estresada y se cambia de ropa hasta tres veces antes de salir. No deja que su novio la toque después de que come algo. Básicamente hace todas cosas que yo hice y sigo haciendo.