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Just in time for the first season’s 10th anniversary on April 3rd, another season was announced. It’s going to cover The Wavering of Haruhi Suzumiya and The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya which are the light novels immediately following Endless Eight and The Day of Sagittarius. The studio is still Kyoto Animation, but the cast is not yet announced.

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Aries: Shino Asada

Taurus: Tomoko Kuroki

Gemini: Mako Mankanshoku

Cancer: Erika Karisawa

Leo: Kurisu Makise

Virgo: Yuki Nagato

Libra: Hiyori Iki

Scorpio: Kuroneko

Sagittarius: Haruhi Fujioka 

Capricorn: Shiro

Aquarius: Mei Misaki

Pisces: Konata Izumi

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 Promotional art


The world has not been recreated. Suzumiya has cut off a sector of time. The period from August seventeenth to the thirty-first. Thus, we are currently in a world that only consists of two weeks. Any point before August seventeenth or after August thirty first has disappeared. This is a world that will never see September.

                              We have repeated the same two weeks over ten thousand times.