g: sungyeol

  • Kwill: Who is your 마니또 (manito-"secret friend" a friend who helps you without you knowing)?
  • Sungjong: I feel that that person is L hyung..I dont know, he keeps touching, grabbing and looking at me, like he's using telepathy with me, like he's saying "I know what you want to say"
  • Sungyeol: My "manito" (secret friend) is the member whose the first words during 2-hour radio show is about me, it's Sungjong.
  • Translation by: qhuong
apathy feat. sungyeol


When will the princess figure out that she wasn’t worth saving?

Being with Sungyeol was never easy. In most cases, you found yourself miserable and alone, like you were better off being single than in a relationship with him. It was never a gamble, you were always guaranteed a loss. 

You figured that you would be able to cope with it, that eventually he would change. But over time, you began to realize that you were the kind of person that did not get happy endings. At best, you got whatever was in between.

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INFINITE, Sungyeol

Genre: Angst/drama

Length: 1029 words

Summary: Second part of Friendship

It had been two weeks since Sungyeol had learned about you and Woohyun. Since that day, Sungyeol started calling and messaging you again.  Most of the time, you wouldn’t answer his phone calls because it still felt awkward to you. You wished you could just put your feeling aside and spend time with him just as friend while you continue dating Woohyun. It wasn’t that easy though and you would still need time. A lot of time. 

“Sungyeol doesn’t seem to go so well these days.” Woohyun said.

Today, he had come to your place since he had a bit of free time.

“Really?” You answered, trying to look like you didn’t care.

“Yup. He’s always grumpy. I think it’s not going well with his girlfriend.”  

You shrugged. He only smiled and hugged you.

 “______, you’re so cute.”

You gently pushed him away. “Stop saying that. You know you’re the cutest one here.” You said, laughing. He laughed too.

“Of course. You’re almost as cute as me.”

You kept teasing each other when you heard another voice.

 “Hum… Excuse me…?You both lift your head to see a shy Sungyeol near the door. “Sungyeol? When did you come in?” You asked him, frowning.

Well, I knocked a couple of times, but nobody answered. The door was unlocked so I entered…” He paused a bit, but when he realized that you wouldn’t answer. “I just want to talk to you, but since you’re with Woohyun, I’ll come back another time.” He added, before turning around.

“Stay!” Woohyun suddenly said as he stood up. “It’s been a while you two didn’t spend time together. I’ll leave.”

 You looked at Woohyun with a surprised and frustrated look. He gave you a smile.

 “You don’t have to go Woohyun, we can stay together. It’s also been a while we haven’t spend time together, the three of us.” You had stood up without realizing it, slightly panicking.

 “I have something to do anyway. I’ll call you later okay?” He gently kissed you on the cheek before he left.

Oh no.

You didn’t want to be alone with him. You couldn’t handle it. He was looking straight at you, but you avoided his gaze.

Are you avoiding me?

 His words hit you. Yes, you were. He had realized it. But you couldn’t say you were. Because you would have to confess and you couldn’t do that.

“I’m not Sungyeolie. What are you saying?” You tried to smile at him and his eyes met yours for a second. He came closer, a serious look on his face.

Why are you dating Woohyun?” His question took you by surprise.

“Well, because I love him of course.” You answered quickly, but you didn’t sound convincing at all.

 “Why didn’t you tell me?” This time, he seemed disappointed and somehow, it broke your heart to see him like that. You didn’t want him to hate you. That was the last thing you wanted.

 “You didn’t tell me about this noona before either.”

“But you were the first person to know I was dating her.”

“I’d rather not know.” You mumbled. He didn’t hear you.

I thought I was your best friend… Why didn’t you tell me? Why did I have to learn it seeing you two in our dorm?” His voice was louder.

“Because you were spending all your time with your girlfriend anyway! It’s not like I’m important anymore since you’re dating your noona.”

”What? You’re the one who suddenly left when I told you and you never answered my message text or my call anymore after this!”

 “You didn’t message me anyway.”

I did, but you never answered!”  

You sighed. It was so obvious, yet he still couldn’t understand. You loved him. You loved him. You still did. No matter what you tried to convince you about.

 “You didn’t want to tell me that you love Woohyun? You wanted to hide your relationship from me? That’s it? I thought you trust me.

You couldn’t answer. You were fighting the tears once again.  Would it be easier if he hated you? Would you stop loving him if he wouldn’t even consider you as a friend anymore? Hearing his disappointed and angry voice hurt you so bad. You couldn’t stand to see him angry at you.

YA. ANSWER ME!” He screamed, getting closer to you. “Where’s my friend? You used me to get closer to Woohyun. That’s it?

 “I DON’T LOVE WOOHYUN!” You screamed, tears escaping your eyes and running on your cheeks. “Stop saying nonsense Sungyeol! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND A THING!”

His angry face disappeared and he looked rather surprised.

You suddenly left the room and reappeared a couple of seconds later with a bag in your hands: It was the gift you were supposed to give him when you wanted to confess.

What is this?” He asked you.

“Something I was supposed to give you.” You said before you shoved it in his hands. “Take this. Maybe you’ll understand something.” You erased your tears with your hands.

Why are you crying?” He asked, clueless. He had always been clueless when you were crying. A part of you want him to comfort you, but the other part just want to punch his face for being so stupid and not realizing your feeling.

“Go away Sungyeol.”

He didn’t budge.

Why? Tell me. Tell me what’s wrong _____.

“Just go. Please.”

He stared at you for a couple of seconds before he left. You felt like your heart had been broken once again.  Why did you love him? He kept hurting you. He wouldn’t even understand your feeling when it was just so obvious. But somehow, that was why you loved him. Because he was so naive, but he always took care of you in his way.

Suddenly, you felt arms surround you. “It’s okay.” Woohyun had come back. He knew it would happen: he knew you and Sungyeol too well.

“I’m sorry Woohyun.” You sobbed against his chest. “I still love Sungyeol. I thought my feeling for him would disappear, but it didn’t… I’m so sorry Woohyun.” He gently patted your head. “I know ______.  It’s okay, don’t worry.”