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hi anne, i always hear people talking about suga's signature beat but i'm not quite sure what it is. is it something that goes on throughout all his songs or is it reserved for verses he participates in or where exactly can we hear it? i've been trying to listen to all his songs but i just can't spot it :(

hello anon~ there’s this one beat that is probably a favorite of suga bcoz it’s a bit constant in the songs he produces. the sound just varies but it’s kind of this same running beat sound.. anyways to best explain I compiled four songs of his that has the beat I’m talking about. it’s tomorrow, goyup, Agustd and then Wine. CLICK HERE FOR THE SOUND CLIP

The beat is at the end of each song’s cut. I hope I’m making sense ;_; but then again I have no knowledge about music composition so maybe I’m wrong too~