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Wake Up
Wake Up

Sung Joon “Wake Up” Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST

This drama will literally rip out your heart in the first few episodes. It shows some epic bromances and great music. You will fall in love with the sound track and has a great cast including Sung Joon, L from Infinite, Lee Minki, and other cuties you will love. Taeyang’s bro Hyun Bae also makes some funny appearances. Highly recommend this drama!

A revalation about Byunghee


So I don’t know if you all realize this but Byunghee’s greatest masterpiece is titled Jaywalking and has motifs of crossing a street. Right after finishing this masterpiece he gets hit by a bus because he wasn’t able to look while crossing the street.

They even elude to it in the songs with phrases like my head spun and time stopped” his head spinning when he got beat up as well as he was nastily hit in the head, Whether it’s green light or red light, I can’t see” he didnt check to see if he could walk because he couldn’t actually see because he was too injured, even if they keep blocking me” the people who beat him up, Even if I fall down, even if I cry, my path is one” which happened, and most importantly the last line which is repeated through out the chorus as well as 5 times at the end my heart drops” which could be explaining the feeling of butterflies when you get while you’re in love but could also be explaining the heart stopping feeling of death.

How’s that for a slap in the face with irony
As if the obvious irony piece wasn’t enough

On that happy note I’ll leave you with this beautiful gif of Eye Candy so you can reminisce and cry to your hearts content.

According to the KDramas

the guy i like is going to one or all of the following

  • going to tell me he loves me even though i’ve disguised myself as a boy
  • tell me i can’t like anyone, only like him, in the rain 
  • learn how to swim to save me from drowning 
  • save me from thugs that want money
  • fall for me after i tell him i’m gonna get over him, which i actually have no intention of doing
  • want to see shooting stars with me
  • stop me from walking away by pulling me into a hug
  • sing songs to me

oh and at some point, we might be neighbors or live in the same house…

i can’t wait for the kdrama reference of my love life to happen


*explaining the word to a non-kpop fan*

*discovering a new bias*

*attempting to order your bias list*

*always focusing on your bias in MVs*

*dealing with fucking bias list ruiners*

*when someone mentions your bias*

*motherfucking ultimate biases*