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CBS: Hey let’s make a new Star Trek show and put women of color in the lead roles!

Star Trek fans: Oh! That sounds really cool!

Also CBS: Let’s put it on our overpriced streaming service so the fewest amount of people possible watch it

Star Trek fans:

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Captain Georgiou kicks ass and I can’t wait to see where things go between her and First Officer Burnham. They are aboard the starship Shenzhou.

And you know what else? Captain Georgiou has an accent. Like. An Asian character in a major and respected role, with an accent and taken seriously.

We’ll see how the series goes.

(P.S. This is also the first ST series that will feature an openly and canonically gay character.)

My hope for Star Trek Discovery (apart from hoping it’s amazing) is that it will bring in a bunch of new people into Star Trek. 

Fans where Discovery is their first series. And then they’ll go back and watch all the other series and fall in love with this ridiculous and amazing half a century old universe.

So if that’s you, you’re in for a fun ride!  And welcome!

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Things I Loved about ST: Dsc

  • the classic communicator troubles due to interference
  • Vulcan Nerve Pinch (i squealed)
  • Beautiful camera angles???? like wow????
  • Klingons actually speaking Klingon
  • Sarek!
  • all the noises/sounds of the bridge
  • the *cool* high tech displays
  • the Star Trek theme that played when the U.S.S. Discovey appeared majestically out of the clouds