g: spn

  • Cas: Where am I? I remember going through the portal and then blinding pain and-
  • Elder!Angel: Congratulations Castiel. You have made it to the Grey Space. A place outside time and space where only the pure of hea-
  • Cas: Where's Dean?
  • Elder!Angel: He is still in the mortal coil. Come Castiel we have much to do
  • Cas: All I wanna do is Dean
  • Elder!Angel: You are past mortals concerns now, come
  • Cas: That's exactly what I wanna do, with DEAN

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I told my oldest sister that Castiel is based off the angel Cassiel, who falls in love with humanity, aka the Righteous Man, and mentioned that it was funny because Dean is The Righteous Man. She said, ‘And they’re not dating?’ I said no and she said 'Well that’s stupid. Obviously they’re supposed to be like soul mates or something, right?’ I said angels don’t have souls and she said 'Whatever. They’re gonna get together.’