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BIG BANG Reaction: His s/o surprises them them with a mid-make out with oral

Anon said: “A Big Bang react for their s/o surprising them mid-makeout w oral?“


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Seungri: *feels like the king of the world”

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Sexy Daesung VS Scared Daesung

I know you asked for Cute Daesung but Scared Daesung I mean come on we need laughs

Sexy Daesung:.


When our bias is T.O.P this is sad I can’t be loyal for to long


wtf is this??





Me when some tells me about juicy drama that has happened in the kpop world.


You know what I realized this has gone out of topic so now

Scared Daesung and Cute Daesung:.

I really wanna know why he ran like that Lmaoooo I’m dead😂😂😂


Damn he dragged her down and had her in a choke hold

but tbh that’s me 

omg that cute smilee even he can’t handle it

When someone tells the school dram and it’s really good.

Ughh he’s so cute 

Avenger Kinks - Smut

           The Avengers and Kinks

Request: N/A

Warnings: This is about sex. So not read if you don’t like it. Simple as that. SMUT.

Summary: Kinks for each of the Avengers. That’s it.


Steve Rogers

           Steve has a major Dom kink. He loved to be on top and watch you squirm beneath him. Even though he was the Dom, he always seemed to feel a need to be constantly pleasuring you. He’d pin you down and bury his face between your legs, loving every second of it.

Tony Stark

           Tony was the complete opposite of Steve. He relished is the way you took full control and pinned him beneath you. He really got riled up when you’d tie him up, leave and return in only your black lingerie and heels. When you applied the pressure of your heels onto Tony’s bare chest, he’d instantly tense up and become groaning mess.

Natasha Romanoff

           Nat loved toys. Her favourite to use on you was her “Lucky Silver Bullet”. She called it lucky because over the course of your year and a half relationship, she’d made you orgasm almost 215 times. Whereas she loved it when you used a simple pink dildo on her.

Clint Barton

           Clint was into doing everything extremely slow and sensual. He loved seeing you shiver underneath him in anticipation.

Thor Odinson                                                      

           Rough was the best way to describe it. Thor was truly a warrior, through and through, and there was no way to conceal that when he got riled up. Biting, scratching, growling. It was animalistic.

Loki Laufeyson

           Loki was into bondage. He loved seeing you tied up, helpless, as he took full control. He would have to hide his grin as he heard you beg for him.

Bruce Banner

           While it wasn’t really a kink, Bruce only ever wanted to have sex in the lab. He didn’t know why, but that’s just how he rolled.

Sam Wilson

           Sam had a major costume kink. He loved when you both put on wings especially, then fucked extremely hard.

Bucky Barnes

           Bucky was really into roleplay. His favourites included ‘Teacher and Student’, ‘Prince and Prisoner’ and ‘Vampire and Sacrifice’.

Pietro Maximoff

           Lots of dirty talk. He’d purr and growl all the things he wanted to do to you in your ear, then kissed your blush.

Wanda Maximoff

           On those nights, Wanda would sit back on a chair she had set up in her room with a dark look and watch you writhe around as she used her powers to make you orgasm over and over again.


Request if you’d like more characters.

Bitten lips and sexy hips Part 2

Bitten lips and Sexy hips Part 1

Summary: When seeing him bit his lip drives you crazy one to many times.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warning: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap it if ya gonna tap it people)

Setting: about three or so years into the future were Bucky is now a part of the Avengers, though Tony still gives him shit.

Notes: I’m blaming this one on Sebastian Stan and him always biting those sexy lips of his.

“Screw it,” you breathe taking the first steps towards him.

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Hope This Makes Everything Easier :) <3

Alexander Hamilton x Reader:

Springs in the Summer

John Laurens x Reader:

I Have Been In Love With You My Entire Life


I Think I’m In Love With You And It Scares Me To Death

George Washington x Reader:

You’re Safe Now, I’ve Got You

Peggy Schuyler x Reader:

Song Bird

Lafayette x Reader:

If He’s Going To Treat You Like Shit, I’m Going to Kick His Ass

I Can Manage On My Own

You’ll Be The Death Of Me

You Heard Me. Take. It. Off. (SMUT)

Who Brought Pot Brownies To The Bake Sale?! (Light Smut)

Either Ask Her Out Or I Will Do It For You!

Thomas Jefferson x Reader:

Short Stack

Endless Devotion (SMUT)

Delete That Immediately

Did You Enjoy Yourself Last Night? (SMUT)

Hercules Mulligan x Reader:

When Are You Going To Realize That I Don’t Care?

Wait A Minute, Are You Jealous?

New Life In New Lives

We Should Fuck

This is smut. That’s it. Smut. Top Phil, bottom Dan, daddy kink, you know, the usual.

Dan and Phil are sharing a hotel room and Dan gets horny, unsurprisingly. Dan is blatant, Phil is unhelpful, and Dan decides to take matters into his own hands. *cue smut*

“We should fuck.”, Dan said randomly, sprawled across his hotel bed, staring at the ceiling.

“What?”, Phil replied, not extensively phased. Having lived with Dan for many years, he’s become quite accustomed to strange outbursts. He looked up from his laptop to stare at him curiously, waiting for an explanation.

“We should fuck.”, he reiterated, rolling around out of boredom. Phil rolled his eyes, sighing lightheartedly at Dan’s behavior, and turned his attention back to the iHop menu pulled up on his computer screen. “I’m being one hundred percent serious.”, he continued, now looking at Phil. “I mean, we’re both single, bi, sexually frustrated (on my part, at least, but don’t try to tell me you’re not), and, really, the only thing that separates our current friendship from romance is sex, so why not?” Phil turned back towards Dan, eyebrows raised, with an expression that clearly read, “Are you for real?”.

“No, Dan.”


Phil curled up in his chair, headphones on, and resumed browsing the web, while Dan, unbeknownst to Phil, shucked off his shorts. He dragged his hand across his semi-hard on and palmed himself through his boxer until he was fully hard, glancing yearningly at Phil every so often. Phil, who was now knee deep in dank memes (scrolling through Tumblr), was entirely unaware of what was happening five feet to his left until a high-pitched, breathy, blatantly sexual moan escaped Dan’s mouth and struck through the beautiful, social criticizing stylings of Muse.

“What the hell?!”, he yelled, watching in incredulity as Dan jerked his now completely exposed dick. Dan stared at Phil desperately, obviously not planning on stopping his actions.

“Phil,” he mumbled, “please?”

“What are you doing?”

“You–ah –you won’t have sex with…. me a-and I’m horny as fuck.”

“There’s a bathroom right over there!”, he exclaimed, emphasizing his statement with a firm gesture towards said bathroom. Dan paid no mind to Phil’s suggestion and kept right on doing what he was doing. Phil, eyes wide, face rubicund, and a little disturbed at his cock’s growing interest, turned back to his device. He tried to make himself look busy but was, in reality, only pondering the wrongness of him being turned on because of Dan, his platonic best friend. Subtly, he sneaked a hand under his laptop to relieve some of the growing pressure and tried to ignore Dan again, which was hard to do, considering how loud and how often he moans and gasps.

Until the moment Dan uttered a strangled “Phil!”, he had built up a calm, yet jittery composure. Totally dazed at this point, he watched Dan from his peripheral vision. Sweat was dripping from his smooth skin, his hair slightly mussed, and one hand was tweaking a nipple while the other smeared beads of precome over his tip. Dan lifted his legs up from the bed and traced his hand that was previously on his nipple up to his mouth and began to suck on it. Slick fingers made their way down to his rim and traced a few light circles before he harshly pushed one in. Though he was wincing because of the pain, he kept thrusting his finger in and out gently. Eventually, his movements became more smooth, natural, and pleasurable, as was apparent to Phil because of the noises he emitted.

“Daddy, God, please!”, he all-but-whispered when his fingers brushed his prostate

“That’s enough!” Phil shouted, voice gruff and bold, as he rose from his chair, placing his laptop where he once sat. Dan immediately stopped all actions and stared at Phil through his wide doe eyes.

“I’m sorry, Phil. I didn’t mean to actually bother you!”, Dan spewed. Though he was sincerely apologetic, the dominance of Phil’s tone went straight to his dick. He hoped he didn’t notice the shiver that surged through him.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it. If you’re going to act like a bad boy, you’re going to be treated like one.” Dan’s already wide eyes enlarged even further as Phil stalked over to the foot of his bed and climbed between his spread legs.

Suddenly soft, Phil asked, “Is this okay? Tell me if you want me to stop.”, as one hand removed Dan’s fingers from inside himself and the other reached for his dick. He nodded with fervor. Just as quickly as Phil slipped out of his tough persona, he jumped back in. He dragged his hand along the length of Dan’s cock teasingly and smirked up at him.

“So, Daddy, huh?” Dan face flushed in embarrassment as he nodded. “It’s hot.” Phil’s hands swept up Dan’s thighs and one moved to his ass, where he traced his rim. His legs immediately spread out, awaiting Phil.

Phil scoffed. “You think Daddy’s gonna let you have it that easily?” Dan shrugged. Phil removed his and Dan’s pants, which were bunched at his feet, and climbed on top of him, grinding down hard a few times. He gripped Dan’s dick, jerked it briefly, then suspended all movement. Dan was totally confused.

He said, “No, princess, you have to beg for it.”

Dan shuddered at the nickname and request, his submissive self willing to do anything for Daddy. “Please, Daddy, I want you to touch me, please, fuck me with your huge cock. I wanna feel for days. Please, please Daddy.”, he whined. Phil, seemingly satisfied with his words, pushed Dan’s legs up to his chest.

“Lube?”, he asked.

“My bag in the bathroom.” Dan swears he’s never seen Phil run that fast (and willingly) in his life. Upon returning, Phil popped open the bottle and coated his cock in the slick liquid. 

“Need any more stretching?”, he asked, throwing one of Dan’s legs over his shoulder.

“Think I can handle it.”, he mumbled.

“Good, because I don’t think I could have waited any longer.” Slowly, he pushed into Dan, who was biting his lip and wincing slightly. Beautiful, as always, Phil thought. Once he was in all the way, he waited about three seconds before pulling out and slamming back in over and over, eventually finding his prostate and totally destroying the quivering Dan.

“God, baby, you’re so gorgeous.”

“Fuck, Daddy, ah, thank you, it’s so good. Harder, harder, please Daddy, harder.” Dan said chanted screamed, followed by an endless stream of curses and moans.

Those moans, exclamations, and praises (which Dan seemed to thrive for) were all that could be heard in their room (and the next, and the next, and the next…), until Dan released one final shout, coming across his chest. Phil followed a few deep thrusts after, coming hard buried in Dan’s plump ass.

“Well..”, Phil started removing himself from inside Dan, “…that was something.”, Dan finished with him. They both giggled and curled up with each other, also simultaneously grimacing at the mess they’ve made and couldn’t be bothered to clean up right then.

Insecurity (Request)

Could you make one where Harry upsets (Y/N)? I was thinking maybe they could get into a fight over something stupid and he then accidentally throws all of her insecurities in her face and maybe he does it in front of others as well. They then make up and have passionate, sweet sex. - harry-smut-imagines


“You’re not her!”

Harry hadn’t meant for it to come out that way, but that’s how it came out. As soon as the words left his mouth, he knew he had just screwed up big time. But the words were out there now and he couldn’t take them back. He could see you standing there, staring at him with a cold, hurt expression. The tears had been stinging at your eyes from the earlier part of the argument, but you had fought them back up until now. Harry had just managed to say the one thing that would cause you the most amount of pain, and he knew it.

Neither of you were entirely sure how you had gotten to this point tonight. Normally, your arguments were short-lived and full of stupid quips and expressions of frustration that never escalated past a few huffs and puffs and ignoring each other for a few hours, until the anger wore off and you slumped down next to each other on the couch, wordlessly snuggling down into his side while he threw his arm around you and kissed your forehead; a way to show each other that the argument was now over and everything was fine between the two of you.

But this argument had been different; it had even started out more intense than normal. Both you and Harry were working long hours as of late and hadn’t had a lot of time to spend with each other. You were overtired and stressed out and probably a bit hungry as well because it was way past dinner time and neither of you had eaten yet.

It had started with a pair of socks; the same pair of socks that you had stepped over on the way to your bedroom so many times over the past few weeks. They were Harry’s socks and you had asked him at least five times to put them in the laundry pile, but they still remained on the floor. At this point, you were just tired and irritable enough that this was a big deal and it was bothering you, a lot.

When Harry finally got home, he found you sat at the kitchen table, drinking a mug of tea and wearing a very sour expression.

Harry was also just tired and stressed and hungry enough to not have the patience to deal with your mood. He tossed his wallet and keys down on the table and let out a sigh as he walked to the fridge to grab a drink for himself.

“How’re you?” He asked, not really looking in your direction.

“Been better.”

“Wha’s wrong?”

You let out a huff of air and turned to look at him, even though his back was still facing you as he rummaged through the fridge.

“Your socks are still on the floor.”

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I don’t have a problem!

PROMPT: dan has a sex addiction and goes to therapy for help, tries to seduce his therapist, Phil. just to end up riding him?

Words: 725

  Dan honestly didn’t think he had a problem. So what if his parents had caught him having sex 8 times in the last 2 weeks all with different guys? He was 18 so it was legal, so what was the problem? Well apparently sex was. “You doing it too much Daniel, It’s unhealthy.” His mu stated while trying to get Dan to book an appointment at the sexual health clinic. Dan reluctantly agreed to having to appointment at the sex clinic but if it would get his mum off his back, he’d do it. 

  Dan walked into the clinic reception where he was sent to the waiting room to wait for Dr. Lester to call him. Dan hoped he was hot, then at least this whole thing wouldn’t be too much of  a waste of time. “Daniel Howell?” A rather northern sounding man shouted from somewhere behind him. Dan turned and he was beyond pleased, he was horny at the sight of Dr. Lester.

  Dark midnight black hair, snow white like skin and the most beautiful shade of blue Dan had ever seen swimming around his eyes. “Er- yes. Me.” He stood up and followed Dr. Lester into his office. 

  “What seems to be the problem, Mr. Howell.” “Please, call me Dan, er- my mum set up this appointment. She claimed I was having sex too much, that I was becoming an addict.” Dan blushes deeply as he hears himself. “I see..” Phil trailed off while scribbling something down onto his papers. “So Dan, and please call me Phil, how often do you have sex on a monthly basis?” “around 20-25 times, normally never one guy more then once. I get kinda bored…”   Phil’s eyes widened a little at the statement. “So what-” His phone started ringing. “Oh shi- Sorry, I really must take this, please excuse me.”                  “Go for it, Phil.” Dan said with a wink and a smirk. When Phil left the room Dan sighed, kind of bored. Unebatibly he pulled his trousers down along with his boxers and wrapped his hand around his already pulsing cock. Thinking about Phil; he got lost in it.

  “Phill-” Dan moaned out as he tugged one last time on himself and he was cuming all over himself, forgetting where he was. Suddenly there was a cough from behind him. “Are you quite finished Dan?” Phil said behind him. “I didn’t want to interrupt your little show but… isn’t getting off with out permission breaking the rules?” This sent chills down Dan’s spine, he was still half naked on the plastic seat, his cock was already getting hard again at Phil’s words.   “W-what rules sir?” Dan fell easily into his subspace.           

My rules.”

  Phil had Dan pinned against the wall in seconds, one of his hands holding both of Dan’s wrists in place and another working on himself, trying to get rid of his jeans and boxers. “Mmm- Sir please.” “I’ve got you.” He grabbed the lube from his draw and slipped one finger into Dan’s hole. “You’re ass is basically sucking me in. Such a filthy, dirty slut, Dan.” Dan whimpers into Phil’s ear as Phil pushes another finger in and starts scissoring them. 

  When Phil is satisfied that Dan is stretched enough that it wouldn’t hurt him, he lubed himself up. “You’re the b-biggest I’ve ever seen, sir!” Dan practically moaned out. “And i’m the biggest you’ll ever get.” Phil grunted as he pushed into Dan, bottoming out in one go. 

  “Ah! Phil, Sir, please, please, please let me ride you!” Dan screamed. “Shh baby, okay.” They shuffled over to Phil’s chair where he sat and Dan immediately got to work, bouncing on Phil’s cock. Dan found an angle that hit his prostate dead on every time, then sped up the pace. “Close- Sir!” “Let’s count down, together Dan. 10-9-8″ “7-6-5″ “4-3-2″ “1.” Dan came the hardest he ever had done before, along with Phil, spots were almost completely covering his vision but he willed himself to stay awake. 

  “Well, Dan… I have just cured you!” Phil said in a sarcastic tone. “what?” “You’ll never be sleeping around anymore because no one can compare to me. So when ever you want sex, just call me.” Phil winked and kissed Dan’s cheek. ‘Genius’ Dan thought to himself. If only he could be as smooth as Phil. 

Frustration - Draco Malfoy Smut

Request: could i have a draco malfoy smut request where reader is agrey at him for some reason and then she keeps turning himon by wearing short shots and biting her lip until he geets so mad and just draggs her to the bedroom and they have angery sex? thanks sooooo much

Rating: R

Warning(s): Smut, angry sex, swearing


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I dunno who this chick is, but she is adorable af and makes my lesbian half go “DAMMMMMMNNNN”. What a cutie:)

Yesterday I saw Draco being particularly horrid to Harry, Ron, and Hermione, which made me angry since they’re my friends. In order to get back at him, I plan to sexually frustrate him all day in class where he can’t do anything about it.

As I pick out my outfit for the day, I get very excited, since it’s the one day of the year where we can wear whatever we want without getting in trouble. I decide on a pair of extremely short shorts and a tight black crop top. I also slip on some black pumps and do my hair in a way that I know Draco goes crazy for. I apply a bit of red lipstick and a coat of gloss to make my lips look extra kissable, then head out, ready to turn on my boyfriend and do absolutely nothing about it. 

I leave the room and enter the common room to see Draco dressed in his Black suit that makes him look deliciously handsome. I smirk as his eyes trail toward me and scan my body shamelessly, his eyes growing wider the more he sees. Pansy, who is dressed in just a plain blue dress notices me as well and her eyes squint as she glares at my sexy self. Draco stands up and saunters over wearing his signature smirk. 

“Hello, beautiful. You look quite naughty today.” He says, checking me out again. I lean in to whisper in his ear as his eyes move downward so he gets a nice view of my chest. 

“That’s the idea, sweetie.” I whisper seductively. He grins and attempts to put his hand on my waist, but I’m at least three feet away from him by that time. “Oh no, darling. You don’t get to touch unless you earn it.” I say wickedly, chuckling a bit after as I turn my head and see him standing there speechless. For good reason, too. 

I’m normally very quiet and reserved. Draco is always so fragile around me and treats me like glass, especially when we’re getting down and dirty. He’s always so gentle and sweet, but today is going to surprise him. I’m going to show him how racy I can really be. 

And he’s just have to suffer through it. That will show him not to mess with my friends.

By now it’s time for Potions class, and bloody hell do I have some things in store for Draco. I take my seat next to him as usual to earn a wide grin from him. He attempts to place his hand on my thigh, but I move it, causing him to frown. 

“Why can’t I just touch you for a second? You’re my girlfriend, you know. Doesn’t that mean I get some affection every once in a while?” He asks, obviously getting tired of my teasing. But I’m not done with him. Not just yet. 

“I’m aware of the fact that I’m your girlfriend, but you sir, have not been very worthy of the perks lately. So, you’ll just have to deal with your punishment until I think you’ve learned your lesson.” I explain sweetly. He scoffs.

“You punishing me? That’s really funny, Y/N. And what exactly have I done to deserve this whole punishment business?” He asks. I narrow my eyes and smirk evilly. 

“If you can’t recognize what you’ve done wrong, you obviously haven’t learned your lesson.” I tell him. He just huffs and turns back to him books. 

“Bloody hell. This woman is driving me insane.” He mutters under his breath, making me smile. I bite my lip to keep myself from grinning too widely. Draco looks over and sees my lip trapped between my teeth. “Cut that out. It’s bad enough that you’re dressed in easily the sexiest little outfit I’ve ever seen. I don’t need you biting your lip on top of it.” He snaps. I giggle and lean in close. 

“Awe, is the poor Draco Malfoy frustrated?” I taunt. He just rolls his eyes and turns back to his book. 

“Ugh, shut up please.” He groans. I chuckle and turn to my books. 

The entire class is torture for him. The entire time, I am constantly doing something to provoke him. Whether it be brushing my fingers against his knee, or intentionally showing my cleavage, or even putting my hand on his shoulder when I’m looking at the shared textbook. I’m always nibbling on my lip as well. That all combined is clearly turning him on to the point where his face is flushed and he’s always trying to loosen his tie a bit more. It’s hilarious.

Class finally ends and I get up and gather my things to head to Transfiguration, but Draco, hot and bothered, clasps his hand tightly around my arm, his warm hand making me shiver, 

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asks, his voice showing his arousal.

“Class, duh.” I inform him. He clenches his jaw, but it turns into a sly grin. 

“I have a better idea. I’ve had enough of your games for one day. I think it’s time for you to learn your lesson now.” He growls, making my knees go wobbly.

“What are you going to do?” I ask, my throat suddenly very dry.

“I’ll tell you when I see fit.” He sneers. I gulp and walk quickly as he places his hand on my lower back and guides me back to the Slytherin common room. He pushes the door of his private room open and wastes no time in pushing me roughly against the door. “you see, sweetie,” He begins as his hands are placed firmly on my hips, sharply pulling my body to his and making my breath hitch in my throat. “I haven’t the faintest idea what made you so mad,” He continues, his hand now gliding up my neck and around the back of it. “or what made you think you could” He tilts my head a bit and presses his lips directly on my sweet spot, “Act. This. Way.” He mutters between hot, open mouth kisses on my neck. “But I’m going to put an end to it and” He begins to kiss my exposed chest. “Show. You. Who’s. Boss.” He murmurs between kisses.

All of a sudden, his lips crash against mine in a hot, mind blowing kiss. His lips massage mine before moving down and catching my lower between his teeth and sucks on it momentarily before releasing it, making me moan. His hand reaches up and roughly massages my breast, making me groan loudly. I throw my head back and my eyes flutter shut as he reaches down and starts to rub me strenuously through the silky fabric of my panties. 

He wastes no time in pushing the fabric aside and driving two fingers into me, making me choke out a whimper and reach up to tangle my hands in his hair and bring his lips to mine again. He, however, refuses to kiss me and smirks making me huff frustratedly. 

“No, no. After what I’ve gone through today, you’re not getting your way that easily.” He growls into my ear, making my knees buckle. I struggle to stay up as he relentlessly pumps his digits in and out of my soaking wet core. I put my shaky hands on his shoulders for support and he grins like a mad man at the effect he’s having on me.

“Please please please.” I chant along with the rhythm of his fingers.

“Please what, baby. Use your words. What do you want me to do?” He asks, his voice raspy and deeper than usual. God it’s so sexy.

“Please just fuck me already! I promise I won’t ever tease you again! Just please fuck me!” I beg. He smirks and removes his fingers, inserting them into his mouth and sucking them clean. 

“Better.” He says before ripping off my shirt, along with my tiny shorts and my undergarments, leaving me completely exposed. I whine at the coldness of the room and the fact that he;s still fully clothed. He seems to understand my issue, and slowly strips off his suit until he’s only in his boxers, revealing his muscular chest and arms. My mouth waters at the sight of his smooth pale skin and every cell in my body pushes me to pounce on him and touch every inch.

But sadly, every cell also tells me that that is a very bad idea.

Draco slowly walks over, and smirks evilly the entire time. He slowly snakes his arms around my waist before violently smashing his lips against mine in a hot, hungry kiss. He reaches down and grasps my bum tightly. 

“Jump.” He mumbles against my lips. I obey quickly and he catches me, eagerly carrying me to the bed where he drops me and crawls on as well, hovering over me. He reconnects our lips and reaches down, stroking me again. I moan loudly at the unexpected feeling and he begins to suck and run his tongue along my nipple. I tangle my fingers in his hair, tugging lightly to encourage him further. 

He gets the picture and pulls off his boxers, pumping himself a few times, making me impatient. I push myself up on my elbows and give him a stern look before he slams into me harshly. I immediately lose my stance and collapse back onto the sheets.

“Yeah, who’s in charge now, huh?” He taunts.

I find myself moaning loudly and gripping hard onto the sheets as his hands pull my hips toward his, deepening the angle and sending delightful sensations all throughout my body. I let go of the fabric beneath me and tangle my fingers in his hair once again, also wrapping my arm around his neck and digging my short nails into his back, surely leaving crescent shaped marks.

“Oh fuck- Draco!” I groan. He lets out a few groans and curse words as well, only making me more aroused. 

“Damn it, Y/N, You’re so fucking tight.” He moans. I feel him twitch inside me and I can tell he;s close. I am as well, but me reaches down and begins to rub my clit hard as he also pounds into me, hitting my g-spot every time. 

“Draco, I’m so close!” I cry, the pleasure so intense that I feel my back arching off of the bed and my nails practically drawing blood. 

“That’s right baby. Come for me.” He moans as he twitches one last time before we both release, ecstasy shattering our worlds as he continues to thrust hard into me, prolonging our highs. 

We both settle down a bit and he collapses next to me, immediately wrapping his strong arms around me and pulling me into his chest, kissing my forehead sweetly once I’m nuzzled comfortably in his embrace.

“Well then. No more teasing I guess.” I mumble, my lips curled into an involuntary smile due to what we just did.

“It’s a shame. I kind of liked having an excuse to pull you out of class and fuck the shit out of you.” He replies, making me giggle. 

“Come on, there’s always a good excuse for that.”