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Something More About Mary

I didn’t realize people would be so salty about my brief convo with Steven about Mary. I prefer Mary to be evil cuz I think it’s more logical and hella more interesting, but to me it’s their show, they do what they want. Anyways, here’s the whole exchange while I remember it.

Me: do you think Mary was redeemed in the end, or was she still morally dubious?

Steven, surprised: well I don’t think she was morally dubious at all!

Me: uhh she did shoot Sherlock…

S: but she did it nicely, it was surgical. She was stuck in a difficult situation. If Sherlock didn’t mind it, why should we?

Me: so you think she was redeemed by her ending?

S, slightly frustrated with me: she didn’t need redemption, it’s not a scorecard. She had such a tougher background, so her movement towards humanity means more than …Sherlock is also, but he’s getting there, and John is solidly (for humanity, something like that I forget the wording, he rambled a bit, Mary took a bullet for Sherlock etc. )But she’s dead now, and there’s not a scorecard for that. It’s not black and white.

Me: ok, thanks for your time.

After the season finale of Supernatural pt. 2
  • Dr. Who fandom: This is getting creepy.
  • Sherlock fandom: Indeed.
  • Harry Potter fandom: Is something wrong with them?
  • Game of Thrones fandom: We don't rightly know. This is all they've done for a few weeks.
  • Dr. Who fandom: Seriously guys this isn't funny they need help.
  • Harry Potter fandom: So...they've just sat there? Singing?
  • Sherlock fandom: Basically. I tried the "pie" concept with them and it didn't work...
  • Supernatural fandom....in a bathtub covered in layers of blankets stained with the tears of the innocent : john...and mary...husband and wife....
  • Supernatural fandom....drawing pentagrams and putting their characters in the spots needed to summon them: I NEED A DEMON I HAVE A SOUL TO SELL!
  • Supernatural fandom...SACRAFICE : This goat will do, right?
  • All the fandoms: *collective worried sigh*

Moffat is talking about killing off Mary and how it was necessary because they wanted to stay true to the originals and it’s important that Watson is a bachelor yadda yadda yadda but dear god above, someone ask them why they included a baby which wasn’t even close to canon

TAB Waterfall scene is their favorite

ASIB & TSOT are their favorites

TPLOSH is their favorite

I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone.

Yeah, I’m EMP all the way, anything else is madness

Asking Sue the Big Question

Our round table with Sue was like 6 of us, so we really could talk about whatever we wanted. And yes, I went there. I respectfully said “you know that some people are very upset that the series didn’t end …. gayer. With John and Sherlock together.” She replied that she never meant to make that show, they always knew the direction of the show: that the key line is in episode one when Mrs. Hudson asks if they’ll be needing two rooms, they answer that of course they’ll need two rooms (indicating they are straight). They make the show for the world, for the 99.something percent that watch that aren’t even aware of the controversy. If people need to vent and be angry, that’s fine, she’s okay with that, although she doesn’t read it as much as she used to. However, she doesn’t like when people DEMAND answers to questions, which is like bullying.

She was charming and smart, we also talked about being a woman in the industry, how she got her start, just general stuff. She’s extremely likable.


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Shots in the heart =/= “nice”

Please, British people, don’t ever allow Steven Moffat or Mark Gatiss to serve on juries for criminal cases. I seriously don’t trust their sense of what is okay in a legal or moral sense. 

Fact: there is no “nice” way to shoot someone. 

Even if you’re in some kind of hostage situation and being forced at gunpoint to shoot someone else, or you have no other option in self-defence other than shooting someone in a way meant to slow them down, there are a whole lot of other places to aim for which are not THE HEART. That? Is not nice. The leg: still seriously not nice, but it’s not THE BLOODY HEART. If Mary just “needed” - and that’s fully debatable, given that what she thought she “needed” was to be able to continue lying about absolutely everything to John for the rest of their rest - was to have Sherlock incapacitated (aka, unable to talk to John about her, or pursue her) - then she could have done what she did to Magnussen: she could have knocked him out. But she didn’t. She chose, instead of accepting his offer of help, instead of just asking him to keep her secret, or help her find a way to tell John the truth, instead of literally ANY other options, Mary chose to shoot him in the heart. 

And Moffat thinks this was - I’m sorry, it’s difficult to even type. Nice????? 

It was not nice. Nothing about that was nice. It was not okay, and Mary sure as hell did need redemption. This is literally the definition of a psychopath, not being able to tell the difference between right and wrong. I guess that’s fine for Moffat????? I don’t really care about his personal life? But what it’s not okay for is these two characters: the man who thinks he’s a high-functioning sociopath and the adrenaline junkie doctor who can’t seem to leave the war zone behind: they’re flawed, interesting, but ultimately GOOD men. That’s the pinnacle the whole series was supposed to be leading to all along. Flawed - but good. Mary was occasionally good (I say with extreeeeeeeeeme dubiousness) - but ultimately bad. She was without remorse. She didn’t have a “difficult background” or however they put it: she was a criminal. Mary being in their lives put Sherlock and John in cahoots with the very sort of person they have always opposed. It’s exactly what I said in this post: Mary’s presence in their lives destroyed the moral centre of the show.

She was not good. And that was NOT nice. Fucking hell, Moftiss!!