g: s4

People are asking me how I figured Yousef wasn’t a muslim a while back.

For the past 2 seasons, Julie has been giving the main a love interest that encompasses everything they are against, and that challenges them and shakes them to their core.

- Noora (feminist) fell in love with a fuckboy.
- Isak (closeted and prejudiced against mental illness) fell in love with a bipolar boy.


- Sana (muslim) falls in love with someone who doesn’t believe in God.



“I’m Veiny For You” Recolors

Hey guys! @chynoodle and I have pranced around the idea of making veins for all species and all ages, and so here is the first part! These are vampire veins as tattoos. They all have different placements and you can mix and match them!

The download includes:

  • A custom thumbnail, male and female, for all the package files
  • Each placement has two different colors, one in @witch-hammers‘ palette, and one in In-Rainbow colors
  • My blood, sweat and tears, I had to redo these ;~~~~; 
  • All meshes can be found here!