g: s


Lying in the back of that truck on your chest laughing and looking at the stars… my hand on your chest, your hand over mine. 

This is my favorite thing. 

It would have been perfect if you weren’t so adamant in telling the other people at the party that we weren’t together. 

Why are you limiting us? We could be so much more. 

Reach for the moon, Sunshine, and even if you fall, you’ll land in the same stars that we shared over quiet giggles and whispers.

Fall like the stars we saw. I’ll catch you.

Bet on it.

Your Rainy Day

dear red-headed freckles with ocean eyes, 

will we ever see each other again?

i miss you.

i absolutely,  definitely, really, without 100% a doubt miss you. i find you in a lot of things you know that? 

bicycles, clay, the ocean, a sunny day, paint splattered all over the table, love songs, songs and music in general, the colour red, stories, characters and many more. i can somehow retrieve a piece from those but like eyelashes,  i keep losing them and they get everywhere.

there hasn’t been a day where you didn’t slip into my mind. i try to erase you but you were a portrait drawn with a permanent marker on my brain. you’re always the subject of my daydreams and when i close my eyes, a piece of you appeared in my dream.

i hate that. i hate that all my thoughts lead back to you. i hate how you end up in my dreams. i hate that we’re looking up at the same sky but we’re not lying on the same grass. i hate how it’s morning wherever you are and it’s midnight where i am when I wrote this.

i hate how you’re the main cause of this pain and longing for something almost impossible to come back home to.

it’s been years since we last played together and i’m still not over you.
maybe those years without me- 
and even those years with me- 
meant nothing to you. 
but to me, those years without you (and counting)- and even those years with you- mean more to me. believe me when i say i keep those memories locked in my heart so i can replay those memories with much more love than i received from you.

i hope you’re reading this and find out who i am. i know you probably think I’m a ghost and you don’t like me but i hope you realise that in a world bombarded with hatred, there’s still someone who loves you and sees you as something more than what society convinces you as.

i hope i pop up in your mind even after all these years. i hope i’m the name you write on your notebook absent-mindedly. i hope you’re also feeling the same pain as i am of letting go of someone too quickly.

i hope i can see you again so that i don’t only visit you in my dreams where my subconscious creates this depressing illusion that you do after all love me (even though you probably don’t).

i hope you miss me too.

love always, 
the girl who drowned into your ocean eyes.

The seniors in my school like to carry around water jugs instead of water bottles
I’m talking like j u g s of water ((like seriously))

I think my friend’s brother started the trend. Now they’re everywhere.