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More snacks under 100cals
  • Light cruskits with tomato paste, sliced bocconcini and cucumber 
  • 3 dried figs
  • Half an apple dipped in 40g of  low fat cottage cheese 
  • An egg white and fish sauce omelet (thai omlete) 
  • Home made Ice coffee (Instant coffee with skim milk or just water, on Ice) 
  • Cooked apple with mixed spices and a few raisins
Word of the Day

Succussion, n. /sǝ-kũsh’ǝn/ - The act of shaking; a shake; specifically in medicine, the act of shaking a patient, so as to detect the presence of a liquid in the cavities of the body. 

       Source: Webster’s Unabridged New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 1956

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day 275 at sea and the waves are no less forgiving than they were when i first began this god forsaken journey. the men grow uneasy. the number of fights grows steadily. already more than half our numbers have perished. there is talk of a mutiny brewing but i slowly find myself unable to care. let them come. let them think they can handle the captains wheel. i have been behind it for far too long. the waves are not well friend. they are not well at all.