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Yesterday was lit!

Turnt up for my boys birthday in LA, THATS RIGHT LA. I cant believe my young dawg is growing up hahahha … I thought it would be a nice gift to fly out to LA to celebrate his birthday.. so the trip was on me… and of course we had to meet up with @natsworldxo and her lil crew >;) hahah but bro thanks for helping me pull this together @xnarcx​ and bruh your welcome @im-mf-legend lls. 

Aight im headed back to bed because we have a flight tonight and we have some other things planned before then so stay tuned. 

a couple that got extremely rich by doing illegal stuff and now traveling over the entire world 1st class and sleeping in expensive hotels under false id’s, smoking weed and having sex in every corner of the room and police trying to catch them so they die their hair a lot and don’t call each other by their real names in public. and basically just a lot of bad ass stuff.

Tanz Der Vampire Rp starters
  • "You must die to live forever!"
  • "You have a cute butt..~"
  • "When I call you, you must go where I lead."
  • "You are mistaken, mein Herr.."
  • "I've been looking for an original sin. One with a twist and a bit of a spin."
  • "I bless you with my curse."-bites neck-
  • "I've been waiting for you since you were born."
  • "I follow only logic and can never be swayed!"
  • "My sponge!!"
  • "I invite you to the midnight ball, I promise, all that you have yearned for, will be answered."
  • "All they have told you is a lie!"
  • "You must die to live forever."
  • "If I cannot have an angel, then I shall have a boy instead. If I cannot have a boy, I will have an angel."

Humidity and heat clung to Pearl, the air thick and heavy ;the threat of rain was visible in the feel of the air,the dark clouds, and the low rumble of thunder. Regardless Pearl didn’t attempt to look for shelter, she was confident she would be able to reach the metro in time. Before she was even half way to the station it began sprinkling, then drizzling, then pouring. the thunder’s previous rumble growing to a roar. The rain fell in thick sheets and it was nearly impossible to see, she would have to find someplace to wait out the rain or keep walking and pray that she wouldn’t get sick. 

She looked around herself and just to her right stood a building illuminated and thankfully open. she ran to the glass doors tugging them open to enter the brightly lit lobby. She shivered as the cool air washed over her soaked form, it was then that she realized how cold she was. 

“Huh”, It was empty, while lit and clearly open as indicated by the sign up front, the lobby was empty, silent save for the sound of the rain. The small simian lazily gazed at the impressive lobby before making her way to the set of velvety ruby-red doors in the middle of the back wall. She hesitated before pulling at the handles, inching the door open slowly. 

                                 FACECLAIM REFERENCES.

       okay, so i’ve been asked this often! chloe, where do you find your tolkien fcs? well,
     here’s a list of underused faceclaims for races/species which i think they would fit well!






       ❛ You asked me why you? I’ll tell you, Peter Parker. Sure, you’re smart, and talented and sweet but most of all? No matter what life puts in your way? No matter what the obstacle? You always keep moving forward, usually with a dumb joke at your side, but you NEVER GIVE UP


      ❛ my name is JOHN MITCHELL, and i’ve killed more people than you’ve met.   ❜
                                                                                                         ( promo credit )

                  ❝   it’s echoed in

                 —  my voice. 

Admission to Your Party

❝ Pack all your morals up with your finest gown, because your real life is never coming back.. ❞
- Admission to Your Party ; Smallpools

Muse A is a multi-millionaire with a giant mansion in which they through huge, exclusive and luxurious parties. Everyone hears about the parties, but even journalists reporting can only get long-distance photographs, since security is tight and attendees don’t say much about what goes on at the parties, only vague statements about how it was fun and how Muse A always throws such great parties. Muse B somehow gets invited to one of these parties, or ends up sneaking in, just to see what goes on. They’re dazzled by the lights, the music, the expensive and exotic food and drink. Everyone is dressed to the nines and having a wonderful time, until Muse A stands to start a toast, announcing that the event everyone came for was about to begin. Everyone is whispering excitedly, and Muse B knows this is the secret they’ve been dying to find out.

Little do they know how the terrifying reason Muse A hosts these parties.

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The blond held in the laugh that threatened to escape his lips during class. He was having too much fun with this. His fingers were playing between the app that controlled the vibrating buttplug inside (his friend/rival/professor/the class nerd) and the messages he was sending him. “Is someone’s phone vibrating?” Andrew commented out loud, referring to the hum coming from the plug. He was waiting for the other to turn and look at the blond, so he’d see Andrew’s triumph grin.