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Swain: “It is the time of year where some humans gather with family, exchanging presents we guessed and hope the other person will appreciate or exchanging currency if we couldn’t or were too lazy to try. Some gather around warm fires and some under christmas trees.”

Jax: “However, I would ask anyone reading this to remember the good fortune you have, that you may have a functioning home, a family, relatives, food, and even presents because unfortunately not everyone gets these and some people must continue working during this time.”

Zed: “Remember the sacrifices of those who must continue to work to protect, heal, or defend you while you bask in your own good fortune, and thank them if you are able. They certainly deserve it for defensing such weak-”

// Have a wonderful holiday season everyone. Do take a moment though to thank your employer (if you have one) policemen, firemen, nurses, doctors, and soldiers-both alive and fallen-that ensure we can all have these opportunities without fear. And if you can, please, think of giving something to someone who is unfortunately unable to celebrate whether they are working or because they cannot afford it.


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I’m really enjoying watching all of the press and personal stories around this book and film.  What great representation!

Swain Rework Taunt Ideas
  • Azir: An Emperor must still answer to his Generals, but a Grand General has no need of you.
  • Darius: When this game is done, we will show the enemies of Noxus what options we give to weaklings.
  • Illaoi: You will find my god does not answer to yours.
  • Jarvan: Your primitive monarchy has long outstayed it's welcome.
  • Katarina: A Fire is not concerned with the lifespan of a Spark.
  • Lamb: If my enemies take the arrow, I have no complaints. Dead is dead, after all.
  • Wolf: I hope by the time you bite me, you will have fed to excess.
  • Kled: If you worked with me, I would give you plenty of my enemies' land.
  • LeBlanc: So long as our alliance remains, the Rose will grow in fertile soil.
  • Lux: At the end of the day, Noxus still has the stronger mages.
  • Elementalist Lux: You can choose to be anything in the world... Except Intelligent.
  • Mordekaiser: The Eternal Bastion belongs to Noxus now, and there is only room for one Grand General.
  • Riven: You chose the past, I choose the future.
  • Sion: By the time you retire, I will have fed you the blood of entire nations.
  • Sona: Play me a ballad of Demacia's Demise, and you may yet find a place within our theaters.
  • Vladimir: Your puns are ridiculously predictable, and about as funny as having one's fingernails ripped off.
Respite . . . ?

You know one particular nice, touching song comes on after you beat Pacifist? Right when everyone sees the surface for the first time and is marveling at it? 

Well … Here it is.

Nice, huh? Let’s learn a little more about it. The title, for one thing. Let’s look into it a little deeper. Let’s learn a little more about this happy song.

That’s an … interesting word to use in order to describe the ‘True’ Ending of Undertale where everyone is happy and content forever, isn’t it? Come to think of it, I believe it plays again in one of the neutral fights.

Oh man, Respite, the song that introduces us the surface, and what is supposed to be the happy end, is not a happy song at all.

Foster Care Realities

I’m assuming this is the way it is for all of you other foster parents too…Sunday we went to church as a family and then spent part of the day packing and cleaning as we are gearing up for a road trip to ring in the new year.  We also made plans to host a friend and her BF for a movie night at our house. 

45 minutes before our guests were scheduled to arrive, I received a phone call from the County saying that they had a child there that needed a place to stay.  It’s a child that had previously spent a day here with us for respite.  Apparently, something happened at the respite home she had been staying at, and they were no longer willing to hang on to her.  Since she had been here before she asked if she could come here (apparently we are preferable to a detention facility–good to know).  We said yes as we have an open bed and our previous interaction with her had been positive.  She spent the day with us today and we will drop her off tomorrow when we head out of town (her foster parents will be back by then so respite will no longer be needed). 

Do y’all have kids that are constantly in and out for a day or two?  Although we haven’t had tons of it, we’ve had at least two of these emergency respite calls this month. 


This is a fabulous video about Sensory Processing Disorder made by a local contingent of Easter Seals.  The little guy narrating is one my favorite boys in the world, Neil.  For the past year I’ve been doing respite work with him and his two brothers, Dylan & Evan.  Each Friday and Sunday I get the chance to hang out, watch a bit of “My Little Pony”, pretend to be a Transformer, and read comics with these boys.  I am amazed with all the progress they’ve made in the year I’ve worked with them and I know a great deal of it is due to Easter Seals.  While I am so pleased that this video is out to educate others about SPD, I am mostly posting this to talk up Neil.  He is such a smart, funny, and witty boy and I am so proud of him for helping out with the making of this video.  Not every kid could say “proprioception” repetitively, nor make a video like this as enjoyable.  Kudos to you, Neil!  You’re the bee’s knees!  :)

Don’t ever leave off making du’aa nor allow what [bad deeds] you commit to prevent you from it, for indeed Allaah answered the du’aa of Iblees (the Devil) and he is the most evil of creation [when he said to Allaah] “Grant me respite until the Day in which they will be resurrected.’ He (Allaah) said, ‘Indeed you are from those who are granted respite.’ [7:14-15]
—  Ibn `Uyaynah (Rahimahullaah), Ash-Shu'aab 2/1147