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monikyky  asked:

Hi how are you ? Japanese lunch etc remember ahah ? It's for a question : I'm watching RealGOT7 and a lot of times they talk about dialect ? Like, they can't talk in dialect ? I don't really understand it. Thanks if you answer me ! ♥️

Of course, how could I forget~?

Before I start, let it be known that I’m not an expert, so some of this might be wrong (and if it is, please feel free to correct me). Whenever they talk about dialects, they’re referring to the different style of speech (not just an accent) that people who are from different places in Korea have. 

Just like other countries, Korea has different regions (I think there are 8 provinces? ) and each region has it’s own different dialect with different speech patterns and accents. One of the most well known dialects is satoori/saturi which is spoken in Busan (I think?). I don’t speak Korean very much at all but a lot of people I know say that satoori sounds like ‘tough’ Korean. 

So when GOT7 is talking about dialects, they’ll often times try to sound like they’re from a different region of Korea with a different accent and speech pattern.

Once again, I got most of this information from the internet, so please correct me if I’m wrong and we can all learn more about Korean together~