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Psycho-Pass MBTI

Akane: INFJ

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Makishima: INTJ

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Nobuchika: INTJ

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Shuusei: ESTP

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Yayoi: INFP

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Shion: ESFP

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Tomomi: ESTJ

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Kirito: ENFJ

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And, finally, that horrible girl who doesn’t have a gif of her own,  

Mika: INFP

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Nobuchika Ginoza | Enforcer | (๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭
↳ “No matter how severe the situation is, if you continue to stay there, you’ll accept everything as a everyday life” Happy Birthday to my lovely Kisa (✿´ ꒳ ` ) @durararas​ 


Get To Know Me - protagonists [1/10]

Tsunemori Akane ( 常守 朱 ) [Psycho-Pass]

The newly assigned Inspector of Unit 1. Considered a model citizen due to her ever calm demeanor and for passing the exams with the highest score for employment on several public sectors and private corporations. She decided to join the police due to being the only place where no one obtained a score as high as hers, thus she believes to be able to do something there that no one else can.

People have to accept that death is unavoidable.
They will probably be gone in ten years; their books in one hundred.
People accept this.
Eternality is promised neither to books nor to humans.
We live because we were born.
If the system possesses the
power of life and death over you, you’re no longer human.
You’re livestock.
It’s a mystery to me.
How is that these people, treated as livestock in this boring society,
have not tried at all to destroy it?