g: outrageous

After this episode, anyone who has said Cas is more important to Dean than Sam is owes me and every other wincest shipper $50

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Relationship Status: Single!

Favourite Colour: I like most colors, especially warm and/or pastel. I think yellow is my current favorite?

Lipstick or Chapstick?: I don’t actually wear makeup so neither really.

Last song you listened to: un:c and Amatsuki’s cover of The Lost One’s Weeping.

Last movie you watched: Moana, for the third time today with @voiider and @acciodurian!

Top 3 Characters: Asking me to pick is rude jesus christ. One from each of my current fandoms then? Ritsu Kageyama from mob psycho 100, Amanda O'Neill from little witch academia and Ochako Uraraka from boku no hero academia. But why would you ask me to pick really that’s just cruel.

Top 3 Ships: Again…? Kacchako from bnha, Takeritsu from mp100 and Terumob again from mp100. God i hate ranking my favorite ships and characters.

Books and manga you are currently reading: I’m following mob psycho 100, boku no hero academia and ive also been reading totsukuni no shoujo. Books… Nothing recently.

Top 5 Musicals: I didn’t watch enough musicals to even think of 5…

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No reason for this at all.