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for the CS 100 word thingy.... 'Do you realy think that is a good idea?'

Apologies for taking nearly 8 months to respond to this drabble prompt. I just found it while cleaning out my inbox…

“Do you really think that is a good idea?”

“She’s an infant, Killian. It’ll be fine.” Emma propped their daughter up on a pillow to help her sit, “It’ll be like Extreme Peek-a-boo, she’ll LOVE it!”

Emma waved her hand, disappearing into a poof of gray smoke, and immediately reappeared in a new spot.

“Where’s Mommy? Peek-a-boo!” Emma and her daughter both giggled, as Emma did it again.

Killian’s fears were confirmed, however, when, instead of giggling at Emma, their daughter poofed a few feet away in her very own cloud of pink smoke.

“Well… I guess she has magic.”

Pairing + Prompt = Drabble!!

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I saw some discourse on my dash today about how Roni's wardrobe is stereotypical and offensive, or it isn't, and I was wondering what your take on that was, since you're Latina and you've always been pretty respectful when answering.

Hi! So, I haven’t seen any discourse because I’ve barely been on here and I don’t follow a lot of OUAT blogs, but I’m guessing both sides have valid points. Obviously, people are entitled to their opinion. I don’t want to speak over other Latinx or PoC on what they consider offensive. If they have a problem with Roni’s styling & wardrobe, they’re entitled to that. If they feel it’s stereotypical, they probably have good reasons to think that.

I’ve seen several Latinx who have been wary about Roni’s styling since the first photos came out, who found it stereotypical and felt they were making her into this clichéd Latina character, and I understand why they might feel that way. I’ve also seen people who don’t mind it. I’m part of the second group. Here’s why:

  1. Regina’s never been explicitly Latina, as in, if you’re a casual viewer, you’d probably never even know she’s Latina. If I’m not mistaken, for the past 6 years, there hasn’t been anything in canon that makes her Latina, other than Lana saying she is, and the fact that they casted a Latino actor as her father, but it’s all understated. As Roni, it’s the same. They have not written her as Latina. I think her wardrobe is just to show how different from Regina she is, as in more laid back & casual.
  2. Cinderella and Lucy, who are also Latinas, have not been dressed in stereotypical ways. I think the costume department never intended Roni’s wardrobe to be stereotypical, but obviously, since Lana is Latina, some might think it as such.
  3. I’m really, really glad that they’re giving Lana’s hair a break. She has talked about how her hair played a part in her getting roles (aka her straightened hair allowed her to look “whiter” because you know how Hollywood loves its stereotypes), and I’m glad she’s getting to show her curls.
  4. I’m not against her styling choice. And this goes beyond me thinking “phewww she looks hot as fuck” in every scene. Because I DO know how much some Latinas love their animal print clothing. And because the animal print hasn’t really been over the top. Because skinny jeans + a tank top every day? Not really stereotypical in my opinion. Hell, that’s the way I dress most days. Because I don’t think they’ve made her into your stereotypical Latina (a la Sofia Vergara in Modern Family).

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Listen Rodge, my old buddy. Eloise Gardener is an evil witch masquerading as an innocent victim. And this is gonna sound like I've overdone it on the cocoa with cinnamon but umm....Tilly is your daughter! (who is actually Alice from Wonderland & other places!), Eloise is her mother (who is actually called Gothel) & you are an aged-down Captain Hook from a wish realm! Trust me my old chum, I'm tryna help you out here- Miss Rabittface

My name is not ‘Rodge.’ It’s Detective Rogers. And we aren’t buddies, chums, chaps, mates, friends, or anything of the sort. 

You’ve clearly gotten into more than the hot cocoa. If you keep on carrying on like this, I might just have to take you to the drunk tank for you to come down off of whatever you’ve chosen as your poison. 

I think it would be best if you went home and slept this off. 

This is still a S7 positive blog as it is, and always will be, a Wish Hook positive blog. 

Having said that…

This is not a ‘I don’t have an opinion on THAT scene’ blog. I most certainly have an opinion, and while I am generally positive about the rest of what’s going on, my opinion on it is the furthest thing from positive. If you want to avoid those posts, please block ‘ouat negativity’ and ‘7x07 discussion’ (I’ll start using the latter from here on out). 

I will continue to tag ‘ouat 7′ on every post dealing with the season if you want to do a broad blacklist, and I use ‘wish hook’ for EF2 scenes and ‘detective rogers’ for HH scenes. Same concept applies to other characters - if there’s one you don’t like but you don’t want to blacklist S7 fully, blacklist their name and you won’t see them on my end. 

So I was thinking about Killian today lmao what else is new and my brain sort of clicked and said “look at these two statements he makes in season 6″.

6x02- “I have a long way to travel before I can be someone I can be proud of. Despite the forgiveness of others, I must forgive myself and I’m not there yet.”

6x14- “This isn’t just about [your parents] Emma. This is about me. I already destroyed my own family once and that was hard enough but knowing I destroyed yours too, I don’t know if I can live with that.”

What do these two statements have in common? Answer: both focus on him being able to forgive himself rather than wanting other people to forgive him. He isn’t interested in whether Belle or David will forgive him, his problem is that he cannot forgive himself.

Which is what makes his redemption a redemption in my opinion. He isn’t wanting or expecting people to forgive him, he isn’t calling it a day because he has earned the forgiveness of other people. He wants to be able to forgive himself.