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K I W I.

Happy Thanksgiving AFOOD nation!!!

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We’re so thankful for all of you and for One Direction for bringing us tighter. We’re sending our love to everyone all around the world, whether you’re celebrating with sweet potatoes and marshmallows or not.

Thank you for being our friends.

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T W O. G H O S T S.

Highschool fic (part one)

2010 Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England

Summary: Harry and the reader are close friends and classmates. Life happens and people change. Reader has to deal with distance in their friendship and face her feelings.

“Hey, Dickhead!” Y/N shouted to him

“Oi, who you callin’ dickhead?” Harry giggled as he saw his friend catch up to him. “What’s up?”

“I was wondering what you were doing this weekend?” She asks swinging an arm around his shoulder.Y/N and Harry were proper chums. They liked older music like Fleetwood Mac and Rick Springfield, they were utter dorks, and had the same taste in movies.


“I thought we could catch a movie with the lads this weekend?” She asked referring to your friend group.

“I can’t, I think I promised Abi a date.” Y/N internal groaned at the mention of her friends girlfriend’s name. Abi was nice, pretty, and Harry’s first girlfriend. Y/N never had a real reason to dislike her; she could never really pinpoint the reason for her disdain with Abi. Maybe, it was because Harry spent so much time trying to see the girl. He was always traveling to see her, planning special dates, and talking to her family. Y/N misses having her friend at her disposal.

“Okay, well maybe next weekend?” She asks again.

“We will see. I might have band practice!” He chuckles, trying to lighten the mood up. He really does feel bad for being busy and not having time for his friends.

“That band again!”

“Why do you have a problem with my band?!”

“I don’t hate your band, dickhead. I hate the name!!”

“What is so wrong with White Eskimo??!!” 

“It doesn’t make sense? Where do you even come up with that dreadful name?!” Y/N cackles at Harry. She noticed his slight shyness in the manner.

“I will not divulge my creative process to you! You can be quite snippy!” She only sticks her tounge out at him. 

“That I am. But, at least I am not in a band that has an atrocious name like that!” Harry hushes her after that. They walk into the school to be met with their other buddies. Y/N slightly feels herself crawling back into her shell. Out of all the boys in her “group”, Harry was the one she felt close with. Well maybe she felt a little close to Dan, but she very well noticed how Dan would flirt with her or stare at her chest and that made her squirm–and not in a good way.


“What’s the answer to number 15?” Harry asked her. Here they lay on their tummies,on her bedroom floor, doing last minute maths homework.

“I got 6.5″

“Okay that is impossible because I got 25″ He ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

“Well let’s check our work. Not the end of the world, H.” Y/N absentmindedly takes her foot and plays with his. Harry never thought of it as anything; they were always pretty close. She scooches closer to Harry to look at his work. 

“Okay, so you didn’t divide here and you were supposed to.” She laughs a little. Harry only groans more. 

“ I am an idiot.” Y/N mumbles a no. He was not an idiot–at least by her standards. She turns her head to glance at him, and what do ya know he is staring at her in a way she can’t ever describe.