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July/August 2015

Track list:

1. Drake - Hotline Bling

2. kiiara - Gold

3. Future - News Or Somthn

4. Tory Lanez - Honda Civic

5. Skizzy Mars - Do You There Feat. Marc E. Bassy

6. Majid Jordan - My Love Feat. Drake

7. Kiki Rowe - Trust Issues

8. Mr. Carmack - All In Feat. Kehlani

9. Amir Obè - Drugs & Cam’ron

10. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Kehlani’s Freestyle

11. Toro y Moi - room for 1zone

12. NYLO - I USE

13. Shura - Touch

14. Chet Faker - 1998 Feat. Banks

15. Gallant - Weight In Gold

16. Migos - Just For Tonight Feat. Chris Brown

17. Post Malone - Holyfield 

18. G-Eazy - Running Feat. Gabriel Garzón-Montano

19. Bryson Tiller - Been That Way

20. Roy Wood$ - Get You Good

21. Jazz Cartier - New Religion

22. OZZIE - Girl

23. Astronomyy - U Make Me Feel Good

24. gemineyes - drive

25. RKCB - Ignite

26. Ambré - Str8 Up

27. Marc E Bassy - Some Things Never Change

28. Hopium - Right Now (VIP remix)

29. Kehlani - Down For You (Djemba Djemba remix)

Soundtrack 2 my summer ☀️☀️☀️

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What you need during a genital herpes outbreak


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Dermoplast pain relieving spray

I found this in the kit my sister got after giving birth, it’s a miracle worker. DO NOT get the antibacterial kind, blue top only!


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Perineal warm and cold packs. You can get really fancy and by these special, or you can just get a regular flexible cold pack. I’ve also heard of people wetting menstrual pads and freezing them but my skin is super sensitive during an OB and disposable pads just are horrible. You could use cloth pads though. There’s also undies with pockets you can fit them in, but the less walking you do during an OB the better.


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Perineal Irrigation Bottle. Especially if you have a particularly bad OB, peeing can hurt and wiping is like fire. You can put a warm wet wash rag put on your sores as you pee or you can squirt these bottles and also use them to clean up. Then use a gentle towel to gently pat dry.


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Sitz Baths. Need I say more? It makes your genitals happy.


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Oatmeal Baths. Speaking of baths, grind up about a cup of non-flavored oatmeal and put it in a warm bath. Relax and enjoy!


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comfy, loose, cotton underwear or no underwear at all! Your genitals need to breath and need to not be contained by tight and uncomfortable underwear. (Boxers are great for everyone)


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hair shears. If you like to have groomed pubic hair, you’re not going to want to shave any time around an OB. Outbreaks can also leave sensitive skin, so even after it’s all healed you may not want to go back to shaving. You can use good hair shears to cut pubic hair really close to the skin and keep up a groomed bush.


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Notebook. You may not need an actual notebook, but really examine when you have outbreaks. Some people have them at certain points of their cycle, some when they’re sick, some when they’re really stressed. Try to find the pattern and then you can attack! If your menstrual cycle is the problem (if you have a menstrual cycle), birth control can help. If getting sick or stressed is the problem boost your immune system with vitamin C, Echinacea, Garlic, good food, exercise, plenty of rest, and water. Also think about getting flu vaccines or taking medications like valtrex to suppress the virus. Ask your doctor what you can do to make your outbreaks shorter, milder, and less often.


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Self Care! Really, just do what you can to enjoy yourself and relax during outbreaks. Stress can make it worse, and there’s no rule that says herpes has to be the worst thing ever. It’s easy to get down on yourself during an outbreak, especially because of the stigma attached, but don’t let yourself go down that road. You are not your Herpes, and Herpes does not rule your life.

What are some of your tips and ideas for coping with outbreaks?