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The Fey Bar is a new blog dedicated to helping members of the LGBTA+ community find Online Table top game groups without having to worry too much about Homophobia, Sexism or Racism.

If your looking for a group, or to start a game Just Submit your request, I’ll post it, and my hopes are, people will find it and want to play. 

Also for any people who are new to the whole Table top Game thing, I’ll be willing to run One off Adventures for people to help teach them how to play certain systems, and help spread the fun of Table top adventures.

I know it’s somewhat impossible to completely keep people who are sexist, homophobic or racist, from people invading the space, to the fact that being LGBTA+ doesn’t make you a saint.  But I will try to block those I get complaints about

Also if you have any questions I do have a Q&A on the blog.

All in all, I really want to help create a place safe from people who spew horrible hate filled language, and think rape jokes are acceptable.  Just a place where the LGBTA+ community can relax and play table top rpgs together

What X-men essentially is
  • Magneto: We need to do something about Anti-Mutant violence perpetuated by Humans it's going to end up in a Genocide
  • Xavier: But what about Mutant on Mutant Violence?
  • Magneto: What?
  • Xavier: How can humans respect us if we don't respect ourselves?
  • Xavier: We need to learn to love ourselves first.
X-Men/Mutant Sentence Starters

Send one or more for my muse’s reaction!

“So what’s your mutation?”
“Are secondary mutations real, or is that a myth?”
“You’re scaring me, stop it!”
“Magneto was right.”
“I want to join the X-Men someday.”
“No wonder your family disowned you, you’re a freak!”
“So your family are okay with it?”
“Are there any other secrets you’ve been hiding from me?”
“Is it dangerous?”
“Can you use that during sex?”
“I don’t care if you’re a mutant. I’m still here for you.”
“You’re a mutant? Me too!”
“Trust me. I won’t hurt you. I just want to show you what I can do.”
“Were your parents mutants?”
“The Registration Act will protect humans AND mutants!”
“I didn’t ask to be born like this!”
“Invisible mutations are fine, it’s the obvious ones that creep me out.”
“People like you should be put down.”
“Not ALL humans!”
“Not ALL mutants!”
“I think mutants are kind of sexy.”
“Say that to my face, c’mon. Call me that again.”

Talk to me about fight for mutant rights.

Talk to me about the marches on Washington, green and blue skin parading past the Lincoln Memorial, the gleam of wings in the sky for protection, the chants coming from throats covered in scales. Talk to me about the gold shields thrown up to hold back the rotten eggs and firebombs. Talk to me about a girl with no eyes being to the microphone by a boy with tentacles for arms, a bandage over her arm and the call for mutant protection laws on her lips. Tell me about the girls controlling paint brushes with their mind, making sign after sign to carry in the march, declaring that God made everyone and that mutants aren’t to be feared. Describe to me the cheers when the mutant flag is flown beside the rainbow and the stars and stripes. Tell me about the cities where being a mutant outside after dark is a death wish, and the states where doctors are allowed to refuse mutant patients. Give me the horror of knowing the siblings who were beaten bloody for their gifts, the girl left for dead with her magical lights dying around her, the boy whose death sparks the shutdown of a nation. Describe to me the hearings, the rulings, the protests. Sing me the song they sing as they march, hand in hand with their human brothers, the support groups, the flyers for power education. Let me know the name of the first mutant to win the noble prize, the first to speak on the senate floor, the first mutant to hold the presidential office.

Talk to me about fight for mutant rights.


- ACADEMY X - faculty cast

school based team, teaching and training the new generation of mutants

ROGUE headmistress (combat teacher)

MAGNETO (survival teacher)

ICEMAN (maths teacher)

FIRESTAR (philosophy and ethics teacher)

GAMBIT (ruse and tactics teacher)

CYPHER (litterature & communication teacher)

SILHOUETTE (history and geopolitics teacher)

- I would re-create the Rogue/Mags/Gambit triangle only to end it all to reveal Rogue doesn’t it any of the two to be happy.

- Maybe keep on building on Firestar’s attraction to Iceman, while he begins to question his own sexuality and see her as a confident more than anything. 

- Cypher be the loner of the group and the narrator. Having been a student that got killed, he would be the most dedicated and caring teacher to his students, to prevent they ever meet a similar fate.

- Firestar would butt head with Magneto often, and argue that she is a survivor too (her battle against cancer, her old team getting killed in Civil War)

- Silhouette would bring a much needed broader perspective and help the students figure out what “role” they want to play

- Firestar and Silhouette would really become close friends and often act as outside points of view on the crazy life of the x-men

- Rogue and Iceman would be drinking buddies

as for their enemies, I would try to avoid having the school attacked too much, and rely more on internal soap dramas and reality based topics like media manipulation, teen suicide, right-wing conservatives, environmental issues, bullying, illiteracy, cultural appropriation, police brutalities.

pencils by me
inks and colors by the fabulous HÉCTOR BARROS a.k.a. @snibbits
except Silhouette


[ updated fan-cast ]
I made some changes and adds to the cast I posted a few years ago, and added the Five Lights team. I still have to add some new x-men kids (dust, trance, etc) the W&TXM cast, the  Special Class, the Hellions and the Revolution kids (Triage, Goldball, Tempus, etc.)… yeah so I’m pretty much only halfway through all the teams I want to showcase…
man… a fanboy’s work is never done!



[update: quick colored versions]
thinking about what is happening to the All-New X-Men gang (i.e. the original 5), I thought that it would maybe make more sense to turn this team into a time-travelling dimension-hopping team, trying desperately to find a way back to their own time and timeline.

This would be the classic team of ANGEL, CYCLOPS, ICEMAN, BEAST, MARVEL GIRL, with the help of TEMPUS and X-23, they would visit countless other alternate dimensions.

think SLIDERS meets EXCALIBUR cross time caper.