g: misao

So I finished Undertale and it rose really high into my most memorable game and is now one of my favorites. Undertale is more of a of a psychological game, similar to OFF but I wanted to showcase some of my favorite rpg games (most are horror/psychological horror)
Playing Undertale gave me a nostalgic vibe of Penpal but was it’s own unique and by far the game of the year. If you haven’t played it yet, please do, don’t just watch a playthrough but experience it yourself! I’m going to head into a few more runs eventually. Here are the other games in a master post drawn above in order from left to right:

Misao, Undertale, Ib, The Witch’s House (top), Yume Nikki, The Crooked Man (top), Mad Father, OFF and Lisa (my personal favorite) 

While these games are of different genres, they’re all rpg maker and my absolute favorites 

Horror RPGs in a Nutshell
  • The Witch's House: Oh look, the dresser killed you. And the clock. And the tadpole. And the book. And the fountain. And the knife flying out of nowhere. And breathing.
  • Mad Father: I know Father killed several innocents, and tortured them in the process, and turned puppies into soup, and bombed an orphanage, and leaked spoilers, and stole all the Yu-Gi-Oh cards in Target, and put the soda into the microwave... But he's a good person!
  • Misao: ...Yeah, I don't care that my classmates are dead. They were assholes. This place isn't even scar- OH GOD IT'S A PHONE
  • Mario - The Music Box: *Luigi waving a cross at Mario's head* OUT OF THIS HOUSE! OUT OF THIS HOUSE! Spirits begone from this house!
  • The Crooked Man: I need to find this guy... Even though I could've just asked who he was. Instead I'll just travel across the country and reflect on my miserable life... And blindly follow addresses on vague notes.
  • The Sandman: Dude, I am TRIPPING right now. And my classmates are assholes again.
  • The Boogieman: Killing innocent people by the dozens and gaslighting the survivors? Ha, what a dweeb.
  • Paranoiac: *insert generic Scooby Doo running montage music here*
  • Corpse Party: Everyone you love is going to suffer, die, then suffer some more. Forever. And it's all your fault. But hey at least this girl is gay

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