g: mass effect


“Ryder, I’m afraid there is something I must confess. I hate it here.”
“Yes, I know. You complain every time we dock here.”

Confession:  From the first time he opened his mouth, Liam has reminded me so much of my real life partner, it’s simply unreal. They are both bright, gentle, (handsome,) charismatic, and charmingly enthusiastic nerds who are prone to caring too much about the wrong thing, and they both have this /uncanny/ ability to make friends with anyone who dares speak to them more than two sentences. I like to imagine that my Ryder is as happy with her space cop as I am with mine, and that never fails to makes me smile.

Kallo, Space Pilot 🚀

In game, I remembered seeing an e-mail commenting that the crew of the Tempest should have their photo taken in front of the ship and that Kallo should wear old stylee pilot gear.

Finally got round to that mental note.
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