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Serendine and Hakuryuu

I was thinking that those two characters have a few things in common.

1. Both are/were on a quest to take back their kingdom from usurpers.

2. Both were willing to use people from their kingdom (Serendine manipulated Rotter via Zepar and Hakuryuu brainwashed his own army via Belial).

3. And more importantly both have Judal by their side as their magi.

So what are Sinbad’s chances of survival in Magi?  I’m gonna say medium to low.  Mind you I love Sinbad.  He’s my favorite character in the series.  Most people who follow me know that.  I just feel like he’s had a doom clock over his head since at least the end of the Magnostadt arc.   

There always seems to be that one person in a manga that starts out with wonderful intentions, becomes sort of warped by them, and then sacrifices themselves in the end to help the main protagonist win.  Sinbad gives me that vibe.  

So now that we’re in the final arc and David has reared his head as the bad guy that needs to be defeated, it seems like Sin’s doom clock might be close to the end of its countdown.    

I figure that Ohtaka wouldn’t have spent so much time building his character in the main story line and a spin off series if she wasn’t planning on killing him in the end.  You know, build him up and watch him fall.  The more information she gives us about him, the more invested in his character we become, and the more tragic his end will be.  It’s a device that’s been used before in other stories and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ohtaka used it here.  

I think I’ve always been somewhat pessimistic of his making it out of this whole thing alive.  I’ve written posts about this before, but the last two chapters kinda reignited my fear of his final, spiritual death. 

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Your opinion on Hakuyuu & Hakuren

This probably has a lot to do with the fact I follow some really nice Japanese artists on Twitter, but I love them a lot.

It’s been pointed out that Hakuyuu bears quite the resemblance to Solomon, which is very interesting. Though while I find Hakuyuu much more reserved and respectful, Solomon speaks his mind and is more of an adventurer than a leader. Hakuyuu also appears to be very loyal of his family and thoughtful of his country. I wonder just how strong of an individual he was, though. Considering Gyokuen did not want Judar to give him the power of a Djinn because he was “special.” 

Hakuren, on the other hand, appears to be much more lighthearted. I personally think that Hakuren would make a great friend with how he goes out of his way to make people happy and at ease. Seriously, he’s really cool.

I so badly want a Hakuyuu spin-off series because I love both of them so much and honestly please stop keeping them in mystery. I want to know about the babies

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I sent this ask to people I'm curious with 😝 : Which magi character you find had kinda same personality as you?

Mmm… I don’t think there is one character that has my very same personality, but I would say I’m a mix of Ja’far, Yamu, and Sche (and not exactly a mix of their best qualities ahahaha).

I empathize with a lot of Kougyoku’s characteristics (especially her shyness around strangers and inability to make friends), but somehow I find it difficult to say that we have the same personality… .