g: mad father


So remember when I said I was gonna draw a bunch of RPG horror characters, but gave up after making so many mistakes? Welp, today was a good art day for me, so here’s all the ones that I planned to draw then. [[minus Misao which I did end up doing on that other day]]

We have Utsuro from Blank Dream,
Ines from Mad Father,
Dio from Mad Father,
And Aki from Misao

I’m honestly probably gonna redo the one of Dio because looking at it now it’s the worst out of the batch, I also might end up redoing Aki but I don’t know. I might just try to fix them digitally if I ever get around to digitizng them, but we’ll just have to see.

They turned out better than I expected though, so here you go.

I also happened to notice that my OC Rosarie resembles Aki somewhat while I was working on that drawing, lmao. That’s a weird coincedence. I wasn’t even thinking about Aki when I designed Rosarie, I was just trying to think of a cute design, bahahaha.

But, anyway, I hope you like these!

[[ps: reblogs with feedback are greatly appreciated, so if you have anything you’d like to say please make sure to do that. c:]]