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Many years after LotR

Squire: My king, we must increase taxes if we are to make it through with enough food for the winter, yet the people may revolt if we do so. 

King Aragorn: does any part of this problem require tracking someone’s footprints or killing people with a sword?

Squire: Uh…no….

King Aragorn: Then go ask Arwen what we should do

At War’s End

Anonymous asked: Any chance you’ll be continuing TToBB?? Also, can I request a one-shot with Faramir? Maybe the reader is a rider of Rohan? Disguised as a guy, of course and they meet after the battle. She avoids him cuz she thinks he love Eowyn since they spend time together but Faramir was actually just asking her about the reader?

Here it is, lovely! I do not own Faramir or Eowyn. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Seemingly unrequited love, a teeny bit of fluff

Pairings: Faramir x fem!reader, Eowyn

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Eomer was giving you a fair scolding when Faramir first saw you as you truly were. When you had first ridden into Gondor with the rest of the Rohan riders, Faramir thought you were a man. To be fair, you had been dressed as one and your (h/c) hair had been tucked up under your helmet. Once safely behind the gates, you removed your helmet and everyone had seen that you were in fact a woman. Now, Eomer was letting you have it for deceiving him and putting yourself in danger.

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~Seven Days of Stories~ A Moodboard Series

Day Three: Jung Hoseok as “The Lord of the Rings” by J.J.R. Tolkien

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Me: I wish I had more time to read

Also me: *spends an eternity on Tumblr reading about other people reading*

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