g: in treatment


“There have been things that have ended that have torn through me like a death. If it’s something I have grown so close to, when it’s over it hurts, you know. I did a play once and I couldn’t talk about it for about three years without crying because it was like a death to me when it ended. That’s kind of what it’s like with these characters. It’s almost like getting a best friend and you learn everything about them and you learn how they work and you live with them and then this part of you dies and they go away.” - Dane DeHaan

Dane DeHaan as Jesse D'Amato [In Treatment, 2010]

I used to spend hours when I was a kid just looking in the mirror trying to figure out if I was handsome or not. And what did you decide? Well, it just depended on the day. If someone told me I was handsome, then I was handsome. And if someone told me I was ugly, then I believed that. I hardly ever look in the mirror anymore, though, not if I can help it. It’s just too stressful.

devo smetterla di vedere cose con personaggi disturbati e fare il tifo per le coppie più improbabili e non eticamente plausibili e poi non è proprio il caso di fantasticare su dottori vari ed eventuali con problematiche fisiche e/o relazionali evidenti e poi non devo cedere alle libere associazioni nei periodi che scrivo e negli atti impuri che vorrei compiere su divani non di mia proprietà e va detto pure che Castellitto è un cazzo di attore geniale e un uomo che sta nella lista delle mie fantasie erotiche preferite e poi e poi e poi e poi e poi

anyways!!!! Harry has been nothing but incredibly humble, sweet and grateful to everyone since day fucking 1. He tried to stop every time he could to take pics with the people who were waiting for him, he was being constantly mobbed at airports and stuff yet he STILL tried to make time for fans, he tweeted thank you’s and I love you’s over and over again, he organised marriage proposals during their concerts, he recorded message after message for his fans, he got on stage pretty much every day for 5 years and thanked one direction’s stans for everything they did over and over again. There was absolutely not one interview or concert or meeting with fans that he didn’t use as an opportunity to say thank you and to show how much he loves us. So if after all of this, if after SEVEN YEARS of this, you need a few more tweets and posts on instagram to be sure that he is a good person who loves his fans, then I’m sorry but you don’t deserve them AT ALL.