g: in treatment

i love doctors. the way they just *clentches fingers* tell you youre paranoiac for voicing the fact you’re worried that your eczema that got worse and worse despite treatments might be because of that one sickness you had years ago that your previous doctor told you to watch over and always be warry because it can always come back

thats nice.

Dane DeHaan as Jesse D'Amato [In Treatment, 2010]

I used to spend hours when I was a kid just looking in the mirror trying to figure out if I was handsome or not. And what did you decide? Well, it just depended on the day. If someone told me I was handsome, then I was handsome. And if someone told me I was ugly, then I believed that. I hardly ever look in the mirror anymore, though, not if I can help it. It’s just too stressful.