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so I was supposed to post this one my actual birthday which is the week after next but I couldn’t wait and I’ve got exams then so here it is in advance ^~^ I picked just a few people out of the 486 people I follow. I’m sorry if I didn’t mention some of you because I was scrolling really fast and picking the people who I regularly reblog from

lovely people everyone should follow (in no particular order) ♡

j-aeho l fuckissmyname l fluffybap l cclowning l eden-park l mamabeat l saycheetos l d-aehyuns l onlypooh l 9muses l choi-daes l matokitoki l bictory l maskedrabbits l chaello l matoki-project l yongguksanal l visualrapper l yoondoobong- l zelow l akdongs l honeychunk l onguk l cuddlemypikachu l tomatoki l arisaisaka l strongbabes l kimhim l shinwooed l sunggyu-u l solatio l ilhoon l chiiwie l bangjello l woofuckingjiho l woosbby l kangseoul l kimtaehvung

Tumblr Crushes ♡

hyunbyeol l vanillatokki l kittyinabarrel l itsallbapsfault l zelo-mask l fyeahkimhimchan l itsbap l rapmonsdimple l huangziii 

special mentions 

ichigo-shortcake, my sister

baekzelo, the greatest tumblr friend anyone could have



i am in love ♥

So i was tagged here by mastersyndrome for the top 10 biases tag~

Alright here we go ^^:

1. (of course) N

2. Namjoon

3. Jiwoon

4. Jimin

5. Hojoon

6. V

7. Yongguk

8. Joon

9. Jinon

10. Leo

10 + 1. (please~~.-.) King

OMG i feel like crying i’ve had more than 20 on my list and couldn’t make a final decision T_T How to choose when you have so many sunshines huh?!?!?

My turn now: i tag hyunbyeol, b2utyfulbbc, missexobsessed, sooryeol, rampantrabble, 4dkyungsoo, junhyuks, loveforseoul, areumdawoyo and wojiao-xingle

“• b.a.p • teen top • vixx • btob • 100% •
• c-clown • ze:a • infinite • tasty • a-jax •
• 24k • block b • boyfriend • cross gene •
• dalmatian • jj project • bigstar • m.i.b •
• airplane • mr.mr • excite • lunafly •”

oh my god that’s a beautiful description look at all those rookies and nugus i cry