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4Minute as Mothers

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  • raises positive, happy children
  • she’s very gentle, caring and loving
  • they never once feel afraid to approach her with a problem, no matter how big or small it may be
  • the mom that teachers fall in love with. she’s just so beautiful and caring that she captures the hearts of everyone she meets, including teachers
  • this may or may not lead to the teachers marking her children’s tests very nicely.

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  • the mom who cries at EVERYTHING
  • so overly emotional; weeps when they hand her a drawing or win an award at school, no matter how small of an award it is
  • proudly displays their trophies, awards, etc on the wall and has a closet dedicated to all the art they made her
  • can struggle expressing her feelings so this causes conflict sometimes, esp. during their teen years
  • she’ll not allow them to go to a party, wanting to keep them safe, but unable to express that she just shouts at them when they ask to go
  • she always apologizes afterwards and wipes away any tears
  • terrifying when she’s mad
  • doesn’t fall for any pranks they might pull or believe the “I’m sick” card; she’s the kind of mom with eyes on the back of her head

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  • her kids are chicken maniacs
  • their first word was “chicken,” no lie
  • her kids are raised on upbeat, positive music with a message, like beyonce’s
  • she might not be the greatest cook but she tries her best
  • is so bright and happy and that imparts on her children, who are the moodmakers of their classes.

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  • so protective yet liberal
  • like, don’t mess w her kids
  • just don’t
  • anyone that does has a death wish
  • but as for sexuality or fashion or the like, she would never judge them or make them “fit in” if they weren’t the standard norm
  • aims to make every day with them special
  • there’s lots of time spent together as a family; eating, doing chores, watching tv, walking the dog, etc
  • turns heads during parent-teacher meetings but she’s so focused on her kids she hardly notices nah jk she knows she’s hot ;)

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  • teaches her kids how to play piano
  • as kids, they would compose songs for her and she would positively melt
  • listens well and will always hear her children out, never jumping to conclusions if they get into a fight or do something wrong
  • she’s also caring and nonjudgmental so they feel no hesitation in telling her if they’re upset
  • they’re the family with all the latest gadgets, that make the other kids jealous

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