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Oh okay. If it's not to much trouble do you think you could take this prompt: Early! Klaine going on their first date together and Blaine picking Kurt up and has flowers that he spent ages choosing and everything and him getting all flustered when he sees Kurt because Kurt is so beautiful and this is their first date and awwwww i just need something fluffy and romantic with flowers pretty please <33333

Okay first of all it’s absolutely adorable

Second of all flustered!early Klaine is almost too cute to compute

I hope to do them justice ;)

 Preparing his speech seems like a breeze, compared to what he faces now.

He had managed to confess his feelings to Kurt, he had managed to kiss Kurt and be kissed by Kurt in return without bursting into flames, he had managed to kiss him once more and almost topple them both to the floor in the process, but Blaine isn’t sure he will survive picking up Kurt at his house for their first date.

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Klaine drabble - "Addiction"

Written for Klaine Week 2013.

Day 1 prompt: Early Klaine

“Blaine, you have an addiction.”

He glanced up from his textbook, brow furrowed in confusion. “Sorry?”

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon, and they were studying in Blaine’s room (his roommate Thomas was down in the library, thankfully). Kurt, eying the navy Dalton blazer draped over the back of Blaine’s chair, voiced his disapproval of the fact they hardly ever got to see each other in regular clothing, so Blaine invited him to go look through his wardrobe, and Kurt had happily taken him up on the offer.

Now Kurt straightened up, holding two handfuls of bowties. “An addiction,” he repeated solemnly.

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Fic: Blaine's the Boss ... Sort of.
My first little foray into the world of fic.  Cimms and Stut–ter both said it wasn’t horrible, so that was good enough for me, and I’m dipping my toe into the water.  

TITLE:  Blaine’s the Boss … Sort of. PAIRING:  Kurt/Blaine, Early Klaine RATING:  First part PG? (D/s but just a little bit). Second part M. SUMMARY:  An afternoon of cookie making brings some interesting things to light.

They had talked about it.  Of course they had.  One night during a marathon of some brainless TV show they were both half-watching, with the blue, subdued glow of the television hiding most of their blushes.  They had talked about their fantasies.  Their kinks.  They said things without looking in each other’s eyes that they couldn’t possibly imagine ever doing.  And yet.  All of the things each of them mentioned that night were things they had already thought about when they were alone in the dark.    Maybe someday.  
But that was the thing.  Blaine was not one for “someday”. He always had the attitude of “shouldn’t we be adventurous?"  He had tried a million times in his mind to broach the subject with Kurt.  It was something he had mentioned, but there was a big difference in talking about it while some silly reality show droned in the background, and actually acting on it.

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Gosh your lips look delicious

animateglee answered you : what if Blaine heard that line “No, but I’m in love with him and he’s actually gay. Call that progress.” and hung around until Shue left so he can go back and ask Kurt about it and Kurt’s trying to deny the undeniable but Blaine’s like totally in love with Kurt anyway.

What possessed him ?

Blaine is a smart boy, he knows that, so the question remains.

What possessed him to lie to Kurt about a Christmas spectacular so that they could sing “Baby it’s cold outside” together ?

Like, there are so many tricky lines in that song, he almost blew it.

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Klaine Week 2013: Early Klaine

Drabble in which Puck tells Blaine about Kurt’s crushes on Finn and Sam and Blaine gets all insecure awwwwww.

Unedited because it’s already 12:21 am and thus this is late and also because I am tired so sorry.

The second Trainwreck Extravaganza wasn’t shaping up to be any better than the first. Well, okay, Blaine hadn’t sucked face with Rachel Berry yet, so that was a plus. But other than that, he was still surrounded by drunk strangers who, no matter how close they were to Kurt, seemed to spend an alarming amount of time being inappropriate and/or offensive. Take now, for instance.

Blaine was just sitting on the arm of the sofa nursing a beer, minding his own business — well, okay, he was staring at Kurt’s ass in those pants, my god, but that was his business now, wasn’t it, they’d been kissing each other for a week, doesn’t that make the surveillance of Kurt’s ass his business…? — when he was accosted by a giant with a mohawk and no concept of personal space.

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Something Good

Klaine Week 2013 – Day 1: Early Klaine

Something Good

Summary: Blaine and Kurt met when they were kids at the annual The Sound of Music screening and became each other’s best friends but when Kurt’s mother suddenly dies in a car crash, their budding friendship is lost. Kurt can’t forget his best friend but also can’t work up the courage to approach him at The Sound of Music in the years following and when his father has a sudden heart attack he may have missed his last chance to reunite with Blaine. However, when Kurt is sent to Dalton to spy, he finds his long lost best friend again, but will Blaine remember him?

Kurt couldn’t bring himself to tell his father why going to The Sound of Music was so important to him, he would have been even more adamant that Friday night dinner was more important. Kurt had to be there this year. It had been almost a year since he had seen the boy that had been the object of his fancy since before his mom died. He had finally talked himself into speaking to him again this year and if he missed it, who knew if they would both be there next year and if Kurt would be able to work the courage up again.

He vividly remembered when he was 7 years old, going to see a local-ish showing of The Sound of Music on the big screen with his mother.  Everyone in the theater was dressed up as a character from the movie and enjoying a night away from reality to indulge in one of the best musicals of all time.

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bowtieoblige  asked:

I have a prompt for you (if you have time of course ^^). There is this thing in Brazil on Thursdays where you can get two movie tickets for the price of one if you kiss the person you're with in front of the cashier. I know it's a little odd but what if Kurt and Blaine went to see a movie at a theater that has this practice before they got together? They'd kiss and blushing awkward smiles would follow?

Oooooh :D

Keep it cool, Hummel.

That’s what Kurt has been thinking for the past 22 minutes, ever since Blaine sent him a text.

From Blaine : Want to go the movies on Thrusday? My treat ;)

Kurt can’t help but over-analyze everything Blaine says or does.

He always does, but every single piece of the message is being dissected by his over-active brain.

Kurt sighs audibly, enough for Nick to turn in his seat to check on him. Dammit, he’s still in class, and he hasn’t replied to the text yet.

To Blaine : I’d love to. I’ll pay for the treats ;D

The moment the text is sent, Kurt wonders if the smiley was too much, but there is nothing he can do about it now, is there ?

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