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Anything But

Summary: blackbirdprince prompted: early dalton fluffy klaine, where blaine learn some things about Kurt past like single ladies/football, or ohh push it, or there madonna week (cheerleading-4minutes)

Note: This got longer than what I had originally planned but it’s still a tiny little thing hehe. Threw in Wes and David because they’re awesome and totally klaine shippers. AO3

Smoothing out his shirt in front of the mirror, Blaine gave himself another spin and checked his outfit once again. He had reserved a table for two at the Italian restaurant near Dalton for Kurt and his dinner date tonight. It’s been 28 days, 9 hours and approximately 25 minutes since they started dating, and so far, it feels like he’s on a rollercoaster ride only heading up. 

The rush of butterflies in his tummy whenever he saw Kurt, the warmth of Kurt’s hand as they walked hand in hand to classes, and of course, the feel of Kurt’s lips against his; all of these, he probably would never get enough of them. Probably will never be able to get enough of Kurt.

Glancing at the clock, he realised that he still had 15 minutes before he due to pick Kurt up at his room. Maybe if he went early they could spend some extra time together…

His train of thought was stopped when there was a frantic knocking on his door.

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Kurt, Blaine, and spooning. Thanks to my sister (who doesn’t have a tumblr) for the idea, and it was meant to be for Klaine Week Day 1 (early Klaine), so sorry that it’s late. ~900 words, unbeta’d, G. Now on AO3!

It was a Friday afternoon, not even two weeks after they had started dating (and Kurt still couldn’t help the smile that always tugged at his lips when he thought about how Blaine Anderson was his boyfriend), and Blaine had followed Kurt straight to his house after school to watch a movie. They shared a few kisses once they entered the house, the thrilling newness of the fact that this was something they could do now almost overwhelming the pleasurable press of lips and gentle teasing of tongues. Eventually, they made their way to the living room, Kurt leading Blaine by the hand as though he was afraid that the kisses might have somehow erased Blaine’s memory of its location.

Kurt kissed Blaine yet again. “You can, um, you can make yourself comfortable. I’ll go get a movie.” He bit his lip when he turned to look at the DVDs, savoring the fluttering feeling that came from kissing Blaine. He ran his finger along the titles. “West Side Story?”

“Sounds perfect.”

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Klaine drabble - "Addiction"

Written for Klaine Week 2013.

Day 1 prompt: Early Klaine

“Blaine, you have an addiction.”

He glanced up from his textbook, brow furrowed in confusion. “Sorry?”

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon, and they were studying in Blaine’s room (his roommate Thomas was down in the library, thankfully). Kurt, eying the navy Dalton blazer draped over the back of Blaine’s chair, voiced his disapproval of the fact they hardly ever got to see each other in regular clothing, so Blaine invited him to go look through his wardrobe, and Kurt had happily taken him up on the offer.

Now Kurt straightened up, holding two handfuls of bowties. “An addiction,” he repeated solemnly.

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SMS stands for Sexy Maddening Suitor

Yesterday was @judearaya’s birthday

and by her own admission, she is a “sucker for early sexy communication klaine”

Alright then !

Happy birthday !!!!

In the days that follow Kurt’s return to McKinley, he makes quite a few discoveries.

About himself, and about Blaine.

Can’t say that he really dislikes them, but they just leave him a little … befuddled.

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Fic: Blaine's the Boss ... Sort of.
My first little foray into the world of fic.  Cimms and Stut–ter both said it wasn’t horrible, so that was good enough for me, and I’m dipping my toe into the water.  

TITLE:  Blaine’s the Boss … Sort of. PAIRING:  Kurt/Blaine, Early Klaine RATING:  First part PG? (D/s but just a little bit). Second part M. SUMMARY:  An afternoon of cookie making brings some interesting things to light.

They had talked about it.  Of course they had.  One night during a marathon of some brainless TV show they were both half-watching, with the blue, subdued glow of the television hiding most of their blushes.  They had talked about their fantasies.  Their kinks.  They said things without looking in each other’s eyes that they couldn’t possibly imagine ever doing.  And yet.  All of the things each of them mentioned that night were things they had already thought about when they were alone in the dark.    Maybe someday.  
But that was the thing.  Blaine was not one for “someday”. He always had the attitude of “shouldn’t we be adventurous?"  He had tried a million times in his mind to broach the subject with Kurt.  It was something he had mentioned, but there was a big difference in talking about it while some silly reality show droned in the background, and actually acting on it.

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Early Klaine fics masterpost

@todaydreambelieversfic has challenged us to write fics about Klaine’s firsts, or compile old fics so here goes for mine !

First texts as a couple : http://hazelandglasz.tumblr.com/post/104148561935/sms-stands-for-sexy-maddening-suitor

First time one of them has a wet dream about the other : http://hazelandglasz.tumblr.com/post/88364721965/klaine-having-a-wet-dream-and-calling-the

First date : http://hazelandglasz.tumblr.com/post/65892379712/oh-okay-if-its-not-to-much-trouble-do-you-think

First coffee date as boyfriends : http://hazelandglasz.tumblr.com/post/45108578329/klaine-week-2013-early-klaine-moments

There you go (I wrote lots of Early Klaine, but those are all the “firsts” :))

Klaine Bingo: Sneaking Around

Writing goal: so I’m going to fill the klainebingo prompts with exactly 300 words each, once a day, until I’ve blacked out the board. All will be Early Klaine complete with everyone’s favorite: Blaine Warbler. 

Sneaking Around

Kurt’s just starting to get comfortable. They’ve moved into the back seat of Blaine’s car after growing frustrated at how the impossible it is to make out with the middle console in the way. He’s spread out under Blaine, who is exploring that place on his collarbone that he loves so much. His fingers move to undo the adorable bowtie that Blaine wore. Kurt’s so used to seeing him in his Dalton uniform that he doesn’t often get to see Blaine’s sense of fashion, though Kurt knew he had one with the amount that he talks about Brooks Brothers. He likes the bowtie. He likes the tight pants more. 

He’s about to start unbuttoning Blaine’s shirt when Blaine’s phone starts ringing. 

“Ignore it,” Kurt whines, but Blaine pulls away. 

“Wait, calm down, what?” Blaine says into the phone, his face growing worried.

Kurt can’t hear who is on the other side of the line, but they must say something horrible, because Blaine’s eyes grow wide and he starts scrambling to get out of the car. 

“Cover for us! We’ll be right there!” He says, hanging up the phone. He grabs Kurt’s hand and practically drags him out of the car with him. 

“What’s wrong with you?” Kurt asks, rubbing at his wrist. 

“It’s past curfew.” 

Kurt’s sure that he’s probably wearing the same look of terror that Blaine is right now. They both run to the back door and anxiously wait for someone to come let them in. The doors lock after 11pm. Wes opens the door 3 minutes later with a look that could freeze hell over. 

“This is highly unbecoming of a Warbler,” he tells them. 

Kurt’s happy to say, it’s not the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time they sneak in after curfew. 

Klaine Week 2013: Early Klaine

Drabble in which Puck tells Blaine about Kurt’s crushes on Finn and Sam and Blaine gets all insecure awwwwww.

Unedited because it’s already 12:21 am and thus this is late and also because I am tired so sorry.

The second Trainwreck Extravaganza wasn’t shaping up to be any better than the first. Well, okay, Blaine hadn’t sucked face with Rachel Berry yet, so that was a plus. But other than that, he was still surrounded by drunk strangers who, no matter how close they were to Kurt, seemed to spend an alarming amount of time being inappropriate and/or offensive. Take now, for instance.

Blaine was just sitting on the arm of the sofa nursing a beer, minding his own business — well, okay, he was staring at Kurt’s ass in those pants, my god, but that was his business now, wasn’t it, they’d been kissing each other for a week, doesn’t that make the surveillance of Kurt’s ass his business…? — when he was accosted by a giant with a mohawk and no concept of personal space.

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Klaine Bingo: Notes

Writing goal: so I’m going to fill theklainebingo prompts with exactly 300 words each, once a day, until I’ve blacked out the board. All will be Early Klaine complete with everyone’s favorite: Blaine Warbler. 


“Pst…” Blaine hears from behind, slowly turning around to face Nick with a glare. If their History teacher catches them talking, they will both get detention and Blaine’s plans to catch an early movie with Kurt will be shot to hell. 

Nick carefully slides a note across the desk. He grabs it and shoves it into his book while their teacher is looking at the board. 

When he opens the note, all thoughts of murdering Nick for potentially ruining his date go out the window. The note isn’t from Nick, it’s from Kurt.

Hey Cutie,

I know we are going to see each other in a few hours, but I hate waiting. The entire appeal of Dalton was that you were here, you neglected to inform me that you’re a sophomore and thus the only class we share is lunch. I suspect you did this on purpose so I’d transfer. You play dirty Anderson. Just wanted to say I miss you and that I can’t wait until tonight. I’d have told you that sooner, but you refuse to text during school so we are stuck passing notes back and forth like an episode of Saved by the Bell. So old school. Lucky for you, I find writing love letters to my boyfriend to be incredibly romantic. 

XO Kurt

PS- you’ll be in history when you get this, so check it out: Mr. Highland’s socks don’t match today and it’s driving me insane. Yesterday, he wore a sweater with a hole in the armpit. A uniform and lack of females to impress is no excuse for neglecting fashion. This school… 

Blaine does his best not to laugh and stuffs the note into his pocket. There’s nobody in this school as amazing as Kurt and Blaine’s so happy to call him mine

anonymous asked:

klaine + acne (and may i suggest pre-klaine or early klaine?)

oooooooooh poor Blaine–Short and sweet then ;)

Usually, Blaine is very careful. He takes good care of his skin, he tries not to eat too much fatty food, and always adds vegetables to his tray, and again, he takes good care of his skin, cleaning it before bed and so far, it has been worth it.

No pimples or spots for him so far.

Then again, he should have knocked on wood on that.

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Early Klaine - I just re-watched this performance, it’s so cute! I miss my Klaine :(

Klaine Bingo: Candy

Writing goal: so I’m going to fill the klainebingo prompts with exactly 300 words each, once a day, until I’ve blacked out the board. All will be Early Klaine complete with everyone’s favorite: Blaine Warbler. 


“Stop eating all of the Skittles,” Kurt says, trying to grab the bag out of Blaine’s hand. 

“You’re hogging all of the popcorn,” Blaine says, playfully pretending to bite at Kurt’s hands. 

“Oh, this is my favorite part!” Kurt exclaims, directing his attention back to the screen. 

Blaine ignores him and instead begins nibbling on Kurt’s neck, the sugary sweetness of the candy mixing with the slightly salty taste of Kurt’s skin. He’s only just discovered the joy of kissing Kurt on the neck and it’s addicting. There’s a spot under Kurt’s ear that causes him to make the most delicious sounds and he wants to find that spot again. 

“You’re going to miss it,” Kurt says, barely swallowing a moan. His parents are just on the other side of the wall, but Blaine’s fear of breaking the rules is washed away in the face of a hot make out session. 

“How many times have you seen this episode,” he complains, pulling back to pout. “Don’t you want to make out with me?” 

“Always,” Kurt says quietly, an embarrassed blush flooding his face. “But when you invited yourself home with me this weekend, I told my dad we wouldn’t be going at it on the couch.” 

“Technically, tonight, it’s not a couch, it’s my bed,” he tries to make his case. Kurt doesn’t look convinced so he tries again. “I’ll give you the rest of my Skittles…” 

“All three of them that you left? How generous,” Kurt says with a roll of his eyes. 

“Taste the rainbow?” Blaine makes a horrible joke, leaning in for a kiss that is only interrupted by Kurt’s historical laughter. 

“That was horrible,” Kurt says, but he’s smiling and it’s not long before Blaine gets his wish and they are making out on the couch. 

Something Good

Klaine Week 2013 – Day 1: Early Klaine

Something Good

Summary: Blaine and Kurt met when they were kids at the annual The Sound of Music screening and became each other’s best friends but when Kurt’s mother suddenly dies in a car crash, their budding friendship is lost. Kurt can’t forget his best friend but also can’t work up the courage to approach him at The Sound of Music in the years following and when his father has a sudden heart attack he may have missed his last chance to reunite with Blaine. However, when Kurt is sent to Dalton to spy, he finds his long lost best friend again, but will Blaine remember him?

Kurt couldn’t bring himself to tell his father why going to The Sound of Music was so important to him, he would have been even more adamant that Friday night dinner was more important. Kurt had to be there this year. It had been almost a year since he had seen the boy that had been the object of his fancy since before his mom died. He had finally talked himself into speaking to him again this year and if he missed it, who knew if they would both be there next year and if Kurt would be able to work the courage up again.

He vividly remembered when he was 7 years old, going to see a local-ish showing of The Sound of Music on the big screen with his mother.  Everyone in the theater was dressed up as a character from the movie and enjoying a night away from reality to indulge in one of the best musicals of all time.

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