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Please can you write something where Jay likes Carlos and flirts with him all the time but lil Carlos is so oblivious to it all (he likes jay too) and it's just really cute. Maybe the line "well it took you long enough" could feature?? 🙏🏼💚

Sure thing! It sounds like a 5 +1 fic, I hope that’s okay :)

Five times Jay embarrassed himself with a pick up line and one time he successfully flirted with Carlos.


i. Evie

She’s been on the receiving end of Jay’s ridiculous, over-the-top, shameless flirting many times, but she doesn’t need the experience to pick up on the extra ridiculous, way over-the-top, completely shameless way he flirts with Carlos.

Oh, Evil Queen, it’s almost sad to watch.

Stil, Evie can’t take her eyes off of her study partner across from her. Carlos has his head tilted up at Jay, struggling to comprehend the line of “Man, I wish I had a library card so I can check you out.”

Jay, shit-eating grin like he has just said the wittiest, most charming pick up line and is fully prepared to carry Carlos back to their dorm room, waits eagerly for the response.

After a moment, Carlos sighs, rummages through his pocket, and hands Jay a little plastic piece. “You can check a book out with my card, but please don’t lose it. I don’t want to be fined. I’ll help you register for your own library card later.”

An expression of bafflement and disappointment cross Jay’s face and he can only stare as Carlos goes back to his homework.

Evie, red in the face and holding her breath to prevent her own outrageous laughter, grabs Jay’s hand before he can walk away. “Go pick up The Art of Seduction,” she shakily says, not bother to lower her voice because it’s clear Carlos has no idea what Jay’s intentions are, “because you seriously need it.”

ii. Chad

The Charmings have pride, they have grace, they have…well, charm.

And apparently Jay has never even heard of any of those words, let alone tried any of them.

But, Chad can begrudgingly admit, it’s kind of cute that Jay’s varsity jacket is so big on Carlos. It hangs past the smaller boy’s hips and practically swallows him, it makes Jay look like a good caretaker. A good boyfriend.

Not that Chad will ever say that to Jay. The son of Jafar had become a varsity tourney player just a month ago, but Chad already knew the arrogance and confidence Jay holds in himself.

(Audrey said Chad picked up on it so quickly because, to quote, “you’ve always been familiar with big egos”. Pfft. Whatever that means.)

And it’s also disgusting the way Jay throws his arm around Carlos and casually says, “you like the jacket? You know what it’s made out of? Bo-.”

“It feels like vinyl.”

“No, it’s-”

“Synthetic leather?”

“No, Carlo-.”

“Is the torso wool?”

“No, boyfriend material!” Jay whines. “It’s made out boyfriend material!”

Chad rolls his eyes and groans, barely catching Carlos’ “that’s not…some code for animal product, is it?”

“Nevermind,” Jay pouts, but doesn’t remove his arm from around Carlos’ shoulders. “You ruined my pick up line.”

“I thought we were going back to the dorm!” Carlos groans. “What do we have to pick up?”

iii. Lonnie

For someone whose mother spent a war breaking down the assumed limits of her gender, Lonnie learns a lot about people through stereotypes.

Not gender stereotypes (because she’s not here to undo all of her mother’s hard work) or racial or religious, but personality stereotypes.

For instance, Mal is an artist. She is creative, she is fast, her mind has never been limited to a box. She is also a leader, she hides her passionate love and care, she is not to be messed with, she is self-sacrificing.

Evie is a princess, by choice rather than blood. She is proud and graceful and aware of her worth. She is a designer, she sees potential in everything and that gives her a wonderfully, unfailing kind soul.

Jay is an athlete. He is not book-smart, but he is strength and confidence and determination. He was one a thief, his people skills and charm rival that of any Auradon-born kid and his sly, easy personality has students tripping over their feet to talk to him.

Carlos is a nerd. Lonnie loves him just like she loves all of the Isle kids, but he is one giant dork. Carlos doesn’t understand people like he does numbers, he’s not great at sports, he is an utter disaster with social situations.

So when Jay comes up to him, fully dressed in his R.O.A.R. gear while Carlos struggles with his protective gear, and asks “are you into baseball? Because I’d let you hit a home run,” complete with wink and grin, Lonnie is not surprised at Carlos’ confusion.

“Jay,” he groans, “I can hardly keep up with fencing and I had to quit tourney. Are you seriously asking me about another sport?” He sighs, like he’s exhausted from the practice they haven’t started yet. “I don’t think I can handle it.”

And Jay, amazed and speechless that his perfect charm has - gasp! - not worked on Carlos, Lonnie pats his arm.

“I think you need to be a little more forward,” she grins at him and saunters away, blowing her whistle and snapping at her team to start their warm ups.

iv. Doug

If Evie isn’t the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, Doug thinks he possibly would have a crush on Carlos.

Not that he’s gay - Doug had never given much thought to his sexuality - but Carlos’ mind is fascinating and sharp and the son of Dopey could spend all day talking to the freckled boy just to pick his mind.

Carlos understands chemistry and physics and engineering unlike anyone else on campus.

And Evie is so smart and quick in class that she blows his mind and takes his breath away and Doug would never think for a single second that he is anything but the luckiest dwarf in Auradon because of the blue-haired, stunning princess beside him.

But he still notices Carlos is kind of cute. Just a little bit.

Evie is picking at her chicken salad and Jay is scarfing down a burger, Doug nudges both of them and gestures to Carlos, who is across the field with Dude, lunch tray (and dog dish) in his hands. “Shall we invite him to sit with us?”

“Of course, dear,” Evie grins at him and bats her eyes just like she always does when Doug considers her friends. “Hey, Ca-!”

“Shh!” Jay snaps after hurriedly swallowing his mouthful of food. “I have a new one to try.”


“Yes!” Jay places his fingers to his lips, whistles loud enough for Evie to cover her ears. When Carlos looks around and spots them, Jay raises a single finger and beckons him over to their table.

Carlos bounds over, Dude behind him, and slides into place beside Jay. “What’s up guys?”

“Nothing, I, uh,” Jay leans close, face inches from Carlos’, “just wanted to see if I could make you come with one finger.”

Evie groans and Doug sputters and Carlos quirks an eyebrow. “Well, you whistled too,” he places the dog bowl down on the ground for Dude, “but, I’ll come whenever you want me to.”

Doug feels his cheeks heat up as Evie makes gagging noises beside him. Jay’s mouth is open in shock and maybe a little bit of desire if Doug can read people half as well as he can read Spanish.

(Though, both are foreign languages Evie has helped with.)

“I’ll just have to test that out sometime,” Jay breathes, runs a hand over his face, and Evie continues her fake vomiting.

v. Mal

“Make him stop,” Evie groans against a purple-clad shoulder as she fusses over a new dress design beside her best friend.

“Hmmm?” Mal doesn’t look up from her sketchbook. “Make who what?”

Jay,” Evie hisses and nods her head.

True, the last member of their group has just walked through his door and immediately drifted over to Carlos’ bed. Whether that’s because Mal and Evie are currently using his or because Jay wants into Carlos’ bed like he wants into Carlos is debatable.

“Just listen to him. It’s gonna be stupid.”

Mal looks back at her book, but opens her ears for whatever shit Jay is about to say.

“Are you from Tennessee?” He breathes, still sweaty from tourney practice, “because you’re the only ten I see.”

She snorts into her book and Evie does the same. Both ignore Jay’s glare.

“Oh ha ha,” Carlos rolls his eyes. “I’m not that much younger than you guys. I’m 15 now.”

Evie laughs into Mal’s shoulder, which is shaking from her own muffled laughter.

Jay groans.

“You can’t still be surprised,” Mal snickers, “that this isn’t working.”

“Yeah, Jay, with someone so young, you have to be a little more forward.” Evie giggles, still clutching Mal’s arm to control herself

“Don’t say young like that, it’s creepy.” Jay grimaces.

“Like your terrible pick up lines?”

“Shut up Mal.”

+ i. Carlos

Jay sets his controller down and takes a deep breath. He looks over at Carlos, who watches him curiously.

“Something wrong?”

“Yes. No. Kind of.”

“Okay,” Carlos sets down his own controller and faces his friend. “What’s up?”

Jay studies him for a very long moment, long enough that Carlos starts to squirm. “Jay?”



“Instead of video games and leftover pizza, can I take you out to dinner?”

“Like the cafeteria?”

“No, like a date.” Jay says firmly. He tries not to fiddle with the buttons on his controller, but his nerves are more powerful than his control. “In the most obvious, to the point, blunt way: will you go on a date with me? A, like, romantic date. Not like a bros date.”

“What’s a bro’s date?”

“That’s not the point,” Jay sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Will you go on a date with me?”

“Yes. Definitely.” Carlos grins broadly. “I’ve liked you since we met, Jay. I just…” he twists the ends of his sleeves, “I didn’t think you liked me back.”

Jay makes a strangled noise, like confusing and frustration, and drops his head. “No kidding.” He laughs at something Carlos doesn’t understand. “Just remind me that I have to be painfully straightforward with you.”

“Well, yeah,” Carlos scoots closer, “straightforward is the best. Like this.” He takes a deep breath. “Can I kiss you? On the lips?”

It takes a second for Jay to stop laughing at a joke Carlos still hasn’t heard. “Yeah, C. You can kiss me.”

Carlos leans forward and he does just that.

Y’all better seriously enjoy this because I think this is one of my best Descendants pieces yet! I’m just really proud of the Lonnie and Doug parts.

If you didn’t like it, I’m always open to criticism. If you did like it, please like, reblog, and send me more prompts!

idk if any of y’all have read the coop book my life my tapes but it is blowing my mind, some of the connections to this season? this excerpt especially: 

“ Am standing on the corner of Chelton and Greene. It is raining lightly. On the street several feet from the gutter is the body of a man. A police tape circles the body in a wide arc. He is white, dark hair, about six feet tall, wearing a green jacket, tan pants, and brown shoes. He is lying facedown. Blood is gathered around his neck and in a small pool by his feet. I have never seen anything like this in my entire life, and I feel like I may get sick.

   A witness said the man was stabbed a block away and ran this way screaming “no.” Someone else said he was stabbed in the neck. I have watched the detectives very closely. They knelt next to the body and carefully inspected the man’s pockets without moving him. They removed a wallet, a small address book, some money in a paper clip, and keys on a rabbit’s foot. I am trying to think the way Holmes would think but I mostly want to throw up. They are now about to roll the body over… . 

 Have just finished cleaning my microphone. When they rolled the body over I recognized the man as one of the card players at the club I went to with Uncle Al. I then got sick. After several minutes I informed the police about the card game and the man with no ear. They thanked me and told me to go home, change my shirt, and lock every door and window, which I have done. Believe I will let the police wrap up the rest of the case, and I will finish my math assignment.”

basically this dead dude is wearing the same outfit dougie coop is this season. he was at a card game with younger coop and his uncle, coop then next sees him dead here. the emphasis on the gambling/being a card shark, the rabbit foot key and coop having the great northern key… idk it all means something just not sure what yet! thought this was interesting, haven’t seen anyone talking about it either. 


Kyle / Dougie 

Twin Peaks, The Return, 2017

Dougie is now an angel

Dougie passed away at around 9:15 am on 23 Sept.

He stopped breathing by the time we got him to the vet, but still had a faint heartbeat. He gave several loud honking cries before his breath stopped. Vet gave him an injection to help him along. The whole family was with him on his final journey. Contacted a vet funeral service to take care of his body for us. They’ll pick Dougie up from the vet and contact us again later.