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Some K-pop songs recomendations.

Okay so, I decided to do this because I got really recently to 1.4K followers ??? That’s crazy, thank you. And also because I love talking about my favs, hehe. I’m going to put here the idols that I listen to the most and name my fav songs of each one of them. Btw, this is probably going to be really fucking long.

After School: Because of youFirst love, Flashback

Ailee: Heaven, Home, I Will Show you, Rainy Days, Why You Think I’m in Love With You

Akdong  Musician: 200%, Give Love, How People Move, Re-Bye

Amber: Beautiful, Borders, I Just WannaNeed to Feel Needed, On my Own

AOORA: Body Talk

BEAST: 12:30, Beautiful Night, Breath, Butterfly, Curious, Fiction (+ Orchesta ver.), Good Luck, Lullaby, Ribbon, Shadow, Virus, When I..



CLC: Hobgoblin, Meow Meow

CNBLUE: Cinderella, Between Us

G-Dragon:  Untitled

Hi Suhyun: I’m Different

Highlight: Plz Don’t Be Sad, Calling You, Dangerous

Hyuna: Freaky, How’s This, Red, Bubble Pop!, Roll Deep

IMFACT: LollipopTension UpFeel So Good

Jay Park: Mommae, Sex Trip, I Don’t Dissapoint, All I Wanna Do, Aquaman, Me Like Yuh, Drive, On It

Junhyun: Flower, Too Much Love Kills Me, Wonder If

K.A.R.D: Oh Nana, Rumor, Don’t Recall

KNK:  KNOCKSun, Moon, Star

LEE HI: Breath, My Star

LR: Beautiful Liar

MAMAMOO: I Miss You, Décalcomanie, New York, Um Oh Ah YehYou’re the Best

MINO - Body

MONSTA X: Shine Forever, Perfect Girl, Broken Heart, Ex-Girl, All In

NCT U - Without You, The 7th Sense

NCT 127 - Mad City, Baby Don’t Like It, BACK 2 U (AM 01:27 ), Cherry Bomb, Sun & Moon, Whiplash, Summer 127

NCT Dream: Chewing Gum, My First and Last, Dunk Shot, Trigger The Fever

Nu’est: Overcome, FACE, Love Paint


Red Velvet: Candy, Happiness, Russian Roulette, Some Love, Wish Tree, Ice Cream Cake, Cool Hot Sweet Love, Dumb Dumb

Ryeowook: Like A Star, The Little Prince

Sechskies: Be Well, Sad SongPom Saeng Pom Sa

Seohyun: Don’t Say No, Magic

SEVENTEEN: Don’t Wanna Cry, Highlight, Don’t Listen, My I, Swimming Fool

SISTAR: Lonely, Loving U

SISTAR19: Ma Boy

Tiffany: I Just Wanna Dance, What Do I Do, Heartbreak Hotel


TROUBLEMAKER: Trouble Maker, Now, Attention

TVXQ: Champagne, Something, Mirotic

VIXX: Shangri-La, Dynamite, Fantasy, Love Me Do, The Closer, Error, Chained Up, Hot Enough, Milky Way, Super Hero, Eternity, Rock Ur Body, Voodoo Doll, Only U, On and On

WINNER: Baby Baby, Fool, Really Really, Sentimental, Different

Jonghyun: Hesitance (requested by anon)
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He has his arm around you. Just put your head on his shoulder. Just do it, ____.

But no matter how much you told yourself to lean your head onto Jonghyun’s shoulder, you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Why did your boyfriend have to be such a manly man?

But at the same time, he was your boyfriend, so why would he be opposed to a bit of affection? He’s the one that asked you out on the first date. He’s the one that kissed you first. Obviously, he wouldn’t be against skinship, so why couldn’t you even just hold his hand?

Jonghyun had come over to watch a few movies with you. He brought snacks and made hot chocolate, he even sat right next to you. But you were too scared to touch him.

It makes sense to do skinship with your significant other. It makes sense to hug them or hold their hand or kiss their cheek at any given moment, but you could never bring yourself to do that with Jonghyun because he seemed like such a manly man. And to you, manly men just didn’t seem like the type to want skinship.

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18 K-Pop Idol Songwriters Who Know How To Write A Bop

18 K-Pop Idol Songwriters Who Know How To Write A Bop

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When many people think of idols, they might assume that not a lot of them know that much about writing music. Although songwriting isn’t necessarily part of their job description, many idols have gone beyond performing and have delved into the realm of music production. As a tribute to their songwriting talents, we present this list of talented songwriters who also happen to be idols. Enjoy!


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