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[141205 Jung YongHwa weibo update]
@jyheffect89: 在悉尼拍摄BC Unionpay 广告的照片!哈哈. 各位工作人员,你们辛苦了!广告拍得太好了,真开心,哈哈!不管何时何地都用~ BC Unionpay~~~~😵

<訳 Twitter@BettyWong824>
シドニーでBC Unionpayの広告撮影時の写真です!ハッハッ、スタッフの皆さん、お疲れ様でした!広告がとってもよく出来て、嬉しいです!ハッハッ!いつでもどこでも~BC Unionpayを使います~~~~😵

141210 Minhyuk Twitter Update

fnc 킹덤 콘서트 연습중! 나.. 머리 엄청 길다… 아무튼 저는 겨울이니까 따스하게 머리 보온중입니다ㅋㅋ 여러분도 감기조심해요~!! 킹덤 콘서트때 만나요!

In the midst of practicing for FNC concert! My..hair is really long..Anyway since it’s winter I am using my thick hair to keep me warm keke. Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold~!! Let’s meet during kingdom concert!

cr @CNBMinhyuk