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a small smile slowly creeps upon calum’s lips as he searches for your hand that rests somewhere between the bed sheets. he shifts his body to the right so he rests on his side, with his right hand supporting his head, and his left taking a hold of yours. your eyes immediately opened at the feel of your boyfriend’s hand grasping yours. you were used to him grabbing it in the middle of the night; especially since he’s been having all those nightmares lately. “another bad one?” you ask as you turn to face him, quickly searching for any signs of fear on his face, but you find a grin instead. “i had a good one this time; great even.” he squeezes your hand tighter and smiles even wider as he tells you how he dreamt about growing old with you.

Initial Ideas on How Mobiles can Strengthen CCM

The strategic integration of CHW’s mobiles into national CCM strategies and workflows (if done in an open, scalable and sustainable manner) could help decrease child mortality in underserved areas in a number of ways:

Increasing availability of essential curative medicines at community level

There can be no CCM without a constant supply of medicines to treat each of the childhood illnesses. Even with the necessary steps taken for successful management of medicines and supplies, delays in information transfer and necessary communication between CHWs, local health facilities and formal health logistics systems hamper restocking efforts, inventory management and record-keeping especially at the last mile of the supply chain.

Stock-outs of essential medicines undercut CHWs credibility within communities and feasibility studies have shown that if CHWs can see that reporting on usage and stock levels of key commodities using their mobiles translates in to the improved and timely availability of key commodities, they are very willing to participate in this reporting. CHW’s use of SMS in this area would allow for automatic codification of the communication between CHWs and the formal health system. This data could be aggregated in real-time, and integrated into more formal logistics system that usually does not descend past district facility level to inform supply strategies. 

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Case management and referrals

Effective case management is the cornerstone of CCM, and a well-functioning referral system has many benefits for CCM, including treatment for severely ill children and reinforcing the links between CHWs and the formal health system.

If CHWs found that using their mobiles could help them easily improve their case management and make facilitated referrals easier (as a complementary addition to paper-based registers), then performance of CHWs on case management could be tracked as well as tracking and monitoring referrals through the system. An example of this can be seen in Zambia’s use of RemindMi - SMS reminders and tracking to bring mothers and infants back to clinics for key post-natal interventions.

Supervision and transparency

Supervision is the glue that holds different stakeholders together in CCM: parents, CHWs, health facility staff, and district managers. Supervision is a challenge for many programs, because the providers to be supervised are often dispersed in remote locations.

If CHWs find that using their mobiles is useful to their jobs – bringing them public recognition, a better ability to perform their duties, and providing small incentives, the data exhaust generated from their use of these systems would allow higher up levels of the health system to support, monitor and compare the work of CHWs and health facilities through real-time information.  Ideally the data exhaust generated by using the system for case management, referrals and medication management would help prioritize supervisory visits, find problem areas, and compare performance across districts. Recognizing that one of the main problems with supervision is lack of time and transport on the part of the supervisor, mobile technologies could remind and track the supervisors’ periodic “check ins” with CHWs on the illnesses that they are treating and challenges they are facing in CCM implementation.

it was rare that calum got to have nights like this; the both of you all snuggled up in bed just laying there while soft music played in the background. you would run your fingers along the expanse of his chest while he would sing softly into the crown of your head. you would be dressed in one of his old t-shirts, with your head on his bare chest and your leg draped around the lower half of his body. your breathing and heart beats would be steady and in sync. calum craved nights like this. nights where he didn’t have anything to do and was fortunate enough to have some quiet time with his favorite girl. with his busy schedule, he didn’t have a lot of these, so he learned to appreciate the simplicity in the feeling of your skin on his and the steady rhythm of your heart beating against him.

advent calendar meme: day sjutton - an rpg of mine

  ↳ can’t hardly wait 

my baby; chw!!!

well i have plenty of say about this, so bare with me y'all. i’ll start with how it came together cause i’ve had plenty of people ask me before. i was bored one night watching the movie can’t hardly wait and i couldn’t help think what is everyone’s backstory, everyone at that party had a story just like preston and amanda. then out of nowhere, i was just like what if the people at that party were characters from other movies. and boom! that’s when it happened. i brought the idea to diabloprincess and she adored it and she helped me nurture this roleplay (our first time around; we flopped.) but it wasn’t until months later, i signed into the account one day and said, let me kickstart this place up once again. 

that’s when it took off. i was seeing of applications (never will i forget when i got nine applications for the same character) and really, i was just honored that people liked the idea as much as i did. really, that’s what made it so easy to pump out those bios and when i had enough accepted characters, i opened and i remember i opened a day earlier than i had planned just cause all the original cuties wanted it open and yeah.

from then on, it’s just been a ride. there’s been highs, there’s been lows but at the end of the day we’re still here. i’ve seen so many people come in and out of can’t hardly wait; you’d think we’re the cast of american horror story but eventually people come back or they’ve just stayed; shout outs to my day one babes; thatsdicey; cozy-posey; queenfoxmulder, brando and jordan. shout outs to my day two babes; missmarvl; randa1x1, shout outs to the people who have helped me run this place in any way, shape, or form; redteamthree; buff-kangaroos; annasrps; toraaahhh; theroyaldolphinoffrance, and shout out to everyone really (i promise i’d tag you all but i’d be here for days, so i’m sorry but know you have heart just like the people listed above). i’ve grown so much because of chw; i’ve learned how to write better; i’ve learned not to talk about people behind their back because everyone matters, i’ve learned how to work photoshop, i’ve learned that eating kiwiis is what it feels like to go down on a girl (lollololololol), man i’ve learned a ton. 

i’ve gotten to meet some incredible people because of chw (side note: i’m tearing up rn, i’m just a baby); and i’m sure i’m not the only person who feels that way. people that’ll forever mean something to me and people who’ll hear from me long past when i decide to leave chw (because eventually i’ll have to go, it’s just the truth)

but when that moment happens, chw will continue without me (that i promise). i say this because chw isn’t just a roleplay, at least not to me. it’s a home. it’s a place where you get immerse yourself and for a while; just forget about the bs of life and as long as that remains true and we see a passion to keeping our members happy yet and treating everyone with the respect they deserve; i’m sure you’ll see chw open years down the line with new admins of course and still being a home for those who want it.

de la Cruz Award AHP Scholarship

The Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Foundation has selected Brad de la Cruz for the 2012 AHP Foundation Scholarship for the AHP Pacific region.  Brad is the Manager for Major Gifts and Special event at Mercy Medical Center Merced.

The scholarship pays for attendance at either the AHP Madison Institute (the Institute for Healthcare Philanthropy) in Madison, Wisconsin or the AHP International Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Eight scholarships are granted each year to at least one member in each region and to one international candidate.

Selections are based on expressed financial need, clear objective for use of scholarship and goals for career development.

Brad joined Mercy Medical Center Merced Foundation in July 2011 as the Manager for Major Gifts and Special Events.  Prior to joining the Foundation, Brad served as a Director of Development for the University of the Pacific following his role as Development Manager for the Gallo Center for the Arts.  Brad has earned both undergraduate degrees cum laude in Philosophy and Fine Arts from San Francisco State University and a Masters in Public Administration from CSU Stanislaus.  In addition, he is a Fellow of the UC Merced Institute for the Development of Emerging Area Leaders and serves as an active board member to the Center for Human Services and past Executive Committee member to the Stanislaus County Mental Health Board, both in Modesto, CA. 


Fulfilling Copenhagen Health Week learning objective

So CHW has passed and it has been a long, learningful and great experience. The workload has been divided so that I have been working as the primary force in setting things up, handling emails and arrange the events. Peter has of cause been my supportive partner all the time and also shared equally responsibility in the planning and execution of the teachings we did. It was fantastic to get total responsibility in designing and planning everything within this project, as well as getting good recognition for the work we did. It sure is funny that you will spend about ten times as long sitting in front of the screen, than doing the actual event. That has definitely been the most difficult for me, sitting, waiting, administrating, when I just wanted to be with the people. 

Though the entire set-up has been great, CHW is a new thing and that has really been something we felt. We would have hoped for more participants. 

I think that we managed to create a platform that both the CHW and Street Movement were happy about and I hope that this collaboration will happen again next year.

OBS: The pictures you see are only from the Thursday’s event around Panum institute. 

Mi visión de la comunidad de CHW

Primero que nada, esto no es, de ninguna forma, la visión y/u opinión de Betazeta y/o otras compañías involucradas con el sitio y/o conmigo. Esto es sólo mi visión única y opinión personal de lo que ocurre con CHW y su “comunidad”.

Pongo eso entre comillas porque lo que era antes un buen lugar para aprender y bromear del hardware ha dejado entrar la horda inferior de trolls de Internet, algo así como los encapuchados que se aprovechan de las protestas estudiantiles para dejar la embarrada. Pero era algo que se esperaba, y que aún no encuentra solución de sus propias víctimas y victimarios.

Creo que todo comenzó cuando CHW pasó a ser de Betazeta. Pero era la única solución para un sitio que comenzó a hacerse grande, en parte, gracias a la comunidad que creaba contenido. El tráfico del sitio era demasiado grande para que dos o tres pelagatos tomasen parte de su sueldo y lo pusieran en un lugar que significaba fríamente un gasto. ¿Donaciones, dijo alguien? Demasiado irregular en mi opinión, un día estás con dos billetes de sobra, haces campaña por todo los lugares y al otro hay que cerrar porque no hay más paciencia.

Por supuesto, con ello el sitio comenzó a ser parte de un mecanismo de autofinanciamiento, como ocurre con la publicidad. Vuelvo a repetirlo: un mecanismo de autofinanciamiento es necesario cuando los gastos se van de las manos. ¿Quién arregla el sitio si algo pasa? ¿Quién mejora la plataforma? ¿Quién paga el servidor? ¿Quién paga el enlace? ¿Quién mantiene el sitio en óptimas condiciones? Así, CHW se convirtió en un win-win scenario para todos: más contenido, menos preocupación por lo que no era nuestro trabajo, y la gente tenía un lindo sitio para escribir y comentar.

Copesa y Betazeta como el malo de la película

Algo así como la gota que rebalsó el vaso fue la inyección de capital de Copesa. Muchos lo mantendieron como “Betazeta se vendió”, pero eso fue sólo el pensamiento de todos los trolls que existen en el sitio, de esos que no entienden nada, les gusta quemar la micro y sentirse más importantes que un editor, moderador o ejecutivo. Con el debido respeto que merece el lector, a esos conchas de su puta madre les tengo cero respeto y se pueden ir al carajo, porque dañan el sueño que tienen los que sí se gastan el pellejo sacrificándose por CHW y otros sitios. FiTO es la prueba de eso, Amenadiel es la prueba de eso, JF es la prueba de eso, y es sólo la primera página de la biblia.

Pero bueno, muchos pasaron a creer que sus posts en el foro pasaron a valer unos billetes, razón del disgusto. Les vengo a informar que la Internet funciona así: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etcétera. Todo lo que hacen permite que exista tráfico, que se traduzca en ganancias para crecer, y que a ustedes les permitan usar el servicio. Si no hay tráfico, se cierra y punto.

Caso contrario sería por ejemplo con un conglomerado que le importa más el dinero que a sus usuarios. Si fuera así, no habría ninguna forma de comentarios en CHW, no habría foro porque cuesta más de lo que produce, y estaríamos llenos de publicidad porque eso entrega más dinero que una hora de comentarios. Pero no es así, no con Betazeta, porque lo hicimos desde el corazón con dedicación y no desde una plana directiva buscando producir ganancias a base de un capital. Hay una gran diferencia entre la mentalidad de negocios de ambos; dense una vuelta por el centro de su ciudad y verán a lo que me refiero.

Bueno, muchos lo superaron, otros no. Copesa inyectó capital para recibir más dinero después, pero no a costa de los usuarios. Sino, créanme que no se hubiese aprobado tal movida, porque eso significa romper un pilar importante y esperar la dura caída a largo plazo, a ser más del montón de otros sitios que hacen lo mismo (y muchas veces mejor porque tienen grandes capitales detrás suyo).

Es más, CHW creció, y como muchos otros sitios de Betazeta, desde la nada. Un tipo pagaba un servidor, dominio, y se ponía a escribir sin esperar dinero a cambio, con más posibilidades de fracasar y pasar al olvido que transformar una web en un nexo de información relevante. No de una reunión entre dos inversionistas.

El lavado de cara, la gota que rebalsó el vaso.

Y el mejor cambio en términos gráficos fue el punto de inflexión. Antes que me echen la culpa, el diseño no fue hecho por mí, sino por el equipo interno de Betazeta. A mi parecer, cumple todas las espectativas, ya lo había visto antes y funciona de forma espectacular. Estudio y trabajo en esa área todos los días, más que los pelatados que dicen “no me gusta” en la caja de comentarios sin argumentos de peso.

Ahora misteriosamente los cambios son ácidamente criticados. Ahora hay más gente insultando en los foros que nadie. Cero respeto con el resto. Chuchadas a la moderación, que hace su trabajo gratis a cambio de tener completo control de una sección del foro, por parte de gente que se cree “igual” que él. Gente comentando en las noticias más las equivocaciones editoriales o impases de lo que transmite el contenido (gente, empresas, situaciones) que comentando sobre el real contenido.

Es ese “grupito” el que la comunidad ha dejado entrar. Hay herramientas para matar estos tipos que contaminan la comunidad, como el reporte o la reputación, y eliminarlos de una vez por todas. No puede ser que por unos pocos con la más inútil y dañina actividad en CHW la comunidad se comience a ver como lo que alguna fue OverClockers.cl - cuando te echaban chuchadas hasta por decir hola.

No sé qué creer de la comunidad. A veces pienso que hay que tener algo más compasión y esperar (o enseñar) a los usuarios a reestringir a los otros que sólo buscan hacer un daño. A veces pienso que deberían borrar el foro y quedarnos sólo con el CMS frontal, mal que mal es un problema gigante y que no aporta demasiado.  A veces pienso en transformar los foros no técnicos en un privilegio de los antiguos usuarios que sí aportan, y votar el foro compraventa con un vínculo a Zimio. A veces escribo estas cosas en Tumblr.

Mi solución para eso es simple, centrar la comunidad de CHW más en un sitio para aprender, compartir experiencias, y enseñar, cosas respecto al hardware y tecnología, nada menos. Así no les damos pie a los trolls e pesimistas infiltrados que les gusta ver cómo se queman las cosas porque sí. Eso al menos que la comunidad despierte, se ponga las pilas, y empiece (y ayudarnos a) a sacar la maleza del pastizal. O como sea ese dicho.