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In Darkness...

We do what we can.

In daylight, we’re oblivion.

Our hearts so raw and clear.

Are turning away,

Turning away from here.

On the water we have walked like the fearless child.

What was fastened we’ve unlocked revealing wondrous wild.

And in search of confirmation, we have jumped into the fire.

And scrambled with our burning feet through uncontrolled desire. 

-Turning Away by Dougie MacLean


I met Emmet tonight!! On the way there I felt like I was gonna be sick I was so nervous. It was amazing and I’m SO happy.

  • I shook his hand???
  • He’s even more handsome in person.
  • My mom told him my name (Sydney Kathleen) and he said, “Oh that’s a lovely name! I just might sing that one tonight (I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen) And then HE WINKED AT ME.
  • He did sing it (the 2nd song) and I was in the second row so he kept looking at me and smiling.
  • He smiled at me during some of the other songs too.
  • He sang ‘Beauty And The Beast’
  • I don’t think I ever stopped smiling the whole time I was there.
  • We saw him after and thanked him.
  • He was taking a picture with a little girl and he said "It’s like beauty and the beast.” <3
  • He signed my CD, and my mom’s CT shirt.
  • I asked for a hug, “Hugs are no problem!”
  • After the hug he said, “Are we good?” (on the hug)
  • He said 'See ya soon’
  • RIP me.

The music video for Colm and Laura’s song “Beautiful Day,” off their debut album “I’ll Never Be Alone,” is now available to watch on YouTube!

The Tracklist:

From The Ground Up - Michael & Neil
If I Can Dream Michael O’Dwyer 
Feels Like Home Damian McGinty 
Down To The River To Pray - Celtic Thunder
Kindred Spirit - Emmet Cahill 
May The Road Rise To Meet You - Celtic Thunder
Unanswered Prayers - Ryan Kelly
Be Still, My Soul - Celtic Thunder
The Voyage - George Donaldson 
Amazing Grace - Celtic Thunder
In The Garden - Emmet Cahill
Hallelujah - Neil, Keith, Ryan 
You Light Up My Life - Michael O’Dwyer 
Crying In The Chapel - Damian McGinty
The Preacher & The Stranger Neil & Ryan 
How Great Thou Art - Celtic Thunder
To Where You Are - Daniel 
You Raise Me Up - Paul Byrom 
Comfort Ye - Keith Harkin 
Danny Boy - Celtic Thunder
You’ll Never Walk Alone - Celtic Thunder

Why his music...

Everyone that knows me well knows that once you get me talking about Emmet Cahill you can’t get me to shut up about it. Everyone at my new job already knows how much I adore him and how excited I am that I get to see him in March. The most common question I get is why do I love him so much? I’m not sure why it matters but if you really want the reason this is why…

I will never forget the very first time that I met this charming and unbelievably kind person. He was new to Celtic Thunder and I was lucky enough to have the chance to meet him. He was actually the very first autograph I got from anyone in Celtic Thunder. What impressed me was that I didn’t even have to ask he just told me to come over and say hi. I’ve obviously met him several times over since then but that first meeting is the one that always sticks out in my mind. Last year I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday at one of his shows with my best friend. She surprised me by asking him to sing happy birthday to me and that is a memory that I will forever cherish complete with the video recording she sent me of it.

I’ve met other artists before but what’s different about Emmet is that you get the sense that he genuinely loves interacting with his fans. Some artists make you feel like it’s a bother to them to interact with the people who are the reason they are where they are. Not once in any time that I’ve interacted with Emmet has he ever made me feel like it’s a pain to him to take time to say hi to his fans. He never makes you feel like you’re a burden to him and always let’s you know how grateful he is to have your support.

He has a truly incredible voice and that is one of the other reasons I fell in love with listening to his music. I grew up with a mother and a grandmother who absolutely loved musicals. Which in turn made me love musicals and Broadway. When I hear Emmet sing these songs from Sound of Music and Les Miserables it gets me. As much as I love me some Taylor Swift I also do love listening to musicals and I love listening to music from Sinatra. I took vocal lessons for many years and was in chorus until I graduated high school. I know how much hard work it takes to perfect your voice and even when you think it’s perfect you still want it to be better.

The last reason and the most personal reason for why I listen to Emmet is because I battle through mental health issues on a daily basis. I’ve battled depression and anxiety for so many years I couldn’t even tell you how long it’s been. I could be having one of my bad days and sometimes they’re really bad but when I put on Emmet’s cd I just instantly go to a different place. It helps to calm whatever emotions I was feeling at the time and put me in a better place. I’ve listened to his music countless times while bawling my eyes out and it has calmed me down. When you find an artist that has that much of an impact on you it means a lot. As long as he continues to put music out and be the incredibly kind, grounded person he is I will continue to support him and spread the word about him.

Haven’t Been Here for A While…

Sorry! You know how life can be! Celtic Thunder is about to go on their cruise followed by their winter tour (and only tour of the year). Their Inspirational album is coming out this month, so keep your eyes peeled! There’s a 10th anniversary album being recorded to be released next year, which is also a big tour year for CT! As for Celtic Woman, they’ve just recorded their Voices of Angels show at the 3Arena in Dublin for PBS, with the contest winner Anabel Sweeney as a guest artist. And Susan McFadden got married! Am I missing any news?!?!? 🙈☺️


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcGmLu27OlI)

Celtic Thunder  :)

Not Too Much Right Now

I don’t believe there’s too much new news coming out of CT world lately. Except for solo tours! Emmet just had his first ever solo concert in Canada; Neil and Ryan aka Byrne & Kelly are about to start up their American tour again after a little while off; Paul is currently on his American tour; Keith will be resuming his American tour soon. Did I miss anyone? 🤔


“Carry us home home home from the sea Angels of mercy answer our plea And carry us home home home from the sea Carry us safely home from the sea… And back in the town In a street that runs down To the sea and the harbor wall They’d gathered in pairs At the foot of the stairs To wait for the radio call And just before dawn When all hope was gone Came a hush and a faraway sound ‘Twas the coxswain he roared All survivors on board Thank God and we’re homeward bound…”