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S7, about the First and Spike

I don’t believe the First wanted Wood to kill Spike like many seem to think. If it wanted Spike dead it had a lot of better opportunities. It could make the uber-vamp kill him while it was holding him prisoner for example. Or it could trigger Spike while he was with the potentials and the scoobies and Buffy, so that Buffy had no choice but to stake him. Both would have easily and surely achieved its goal. But to use Wood? How could it think that a mere human would gain the upper hand with a master vampire? That Wood would be able to take down Spike?

Nah. I think that the First wanted Spike on its side, that he choose to be evil again so that when ‘his time would come’ Spike would be its ally, and hoped that Spike would kill Wood in selfdefence, without the influence of the trigger. But things backfired because Wood didn’t play fair and he unwillingly freed Spike of the trigger.

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Why do you think Angel is a misunderstood character? I just hear the same thing saying that he's boring but he's not. He had so much character growth from Mr. Brooding Cryptic Guy from BTVS Season 1 to a champion in his own right at the end of Angel S5. I just love him and plus he is my favorite vampire dork.

I think (and this is just my personal opinion) that fans who write Angel off as “boring” or “under-developed” have usually watched BtVS but not AtS. As much as it pains me to admit, Angel does not get a whole lot of development on BtVS. Initially he is no more than Buffy’s love interest, then in Season 2 he makes a great villain, but again, does not receive much personal development. Season 3 starts to lay the ground work for his subsequent development, but it’s not until he moves to his own show that he really becomes a multi-faceted and three-dimensional character, with amazing development and growth.

It’s a pity that there are fans out there who refuse to/have not given Angel a chance (the show and the character) as both are amazing, and Angel as a character gets so much development on his own show, and the chance to showcase his incredible personality and characterisation.


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“i’m beyond tired. i’m beyond scared. i’m standing on the mouth of hell and it is gonna swallow me whole. and it’ll choke on me.”