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Girl Groups (Debuted 2012 or Earlier) You Must Listen To

I decided to make this list because I feel like some newer KPOP fans don’t really know where to start with some of the “older” girl groups and with the sad disbanding of some of these iconic groups, it’s important to keep supporting the ones that are still going strong! 

SNSD/Girls’ Generation




Brown Eyed Girls




After School


Wonder Girls

miss A

Girl’s Day


Dal Shabet




Obviously not every girl group is listed here and I know some groups better than others so please feel free to add any more songs/groups you would like to.

Kpop as Eurovision 2017′s contestants.

A/N: What a fun request! I hope i have been accurate enough!! Guys this is only the countries that made it to the final… there is too many participants to do all of them. If a make any spelling mistake tell me nicely and i’ll fix it but you know english is not my first lenguage bare with me

Poland: Lee Hyori for the deep voice and the dark and cool concept

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Armenia: F(x) because the concept of Fly with me reminds me to 4walls era.

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Austria: Honeyst who would go good with the running On Air song. They are a band and they are new but they have this happy road trip music sound. 

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Belarous: Hyorin and Jooyoung. Idk why they remind me to Naviband because they had ta lot of chemistry and singed so well. 

Moldova: BTS just because:

Epic sax guy! and also the hyper vibe of the song goes with their personallity.

Hungary: this is so far from my culture knowledge omg but as i read the lyrics and for the mixure of music genres i can say G-dragon! It’s a deep song like “Crooked” can be and it gets experimental and a bit weird as GD uses to be.

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Denmark: who can sing such a song if is not the queen Ailee! Her strong presence and her powerfull voice would slay Where I Am. I would love to hear her singing it!

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Portugal: This one is really difficult since Salvador Sobral’s way of singing is really personal but if i had to say one korean group to sing this is definetely AKMU! Their incredible voices and the way they put all their feelings into what they are singing matches perfectly with Amar Pelos Dois. i love AKMU ppl apreciate them! Also they are siblings and that reminds me to Salvador and his sister too.

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Belgyum: Brown Eyed Girls. The alternative sound of City Lights would be a good one for them, kinda like their last album. 

Azerbaiyan: This dark and cool concept can only be for VIXX!! They would rock “Skeletons” for sure.

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Croatia: Shinee as the guy who made a duet with himself. Great voice, weird performance and super epic. So totally Shinee. 

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Australia: i think Don’t Come Easy goes well with Taeyeon with a ballad full of meaning and pretty. The lyrics are strong and sentimental and i think she would sing it well!

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Romania: Got7 because you need at least a bit of extra to go and yodel on stage. I see them totally capable of go “Yodelei yodeleiyo”

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Bulgaria: NCT-Dream. Like Kristian Kostov they are teeny tiny and need to be protected. He is the same age as the oldest members, how cute. 

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Norway: Day6 because of the band sound that still keeps the modern and new sounds. 

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The Netherlands: Mamamoo as O’gene. The strong young women with great voices singing a choral song. 

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United Kingdom: Lee Hi. The classical, sweet and romantic concept wil go good with her and her voice is amazing and clear like Lucy Jones.

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France: Gfriend. A happy sound with a fresh vibe. 

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Spain: god… no one, i say it because i’m spanish and i know no one wants or deserves to be Manel Navarro… HAHAHAHAHA

Cyprus: SF9 and i don’t know why i just think that this is the type of song that they would sing.

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Germany: Suzy would fit Perfect Life, her voice would sound good singing it. She also look as pretty as Levina. 

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Sweeden: Seventeen. Imagine how cute they would look dancing on treadwills!! Also the song has a good rhythm. the performance is as powerfull as the music and that’s the seventeen style! Also the lyrics are similar to Adore U or Mansae. 

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Ukraine: This is totally FT island! A band with a rock sound.

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“i want a girl group that doesn’t do cute”

stan brown eyed girls

“but i want one whose songs don’t sound all like girly electro-pop or hip hop kind of stuff though like ‘non-cute’ girl groups like 4minute or 2ne1 usually have, i want some kind of artistic breakthrough down the line”

stan brown eyed girls

“but i want something… kinda badass”

stan brown eyed girls

“i want one whose vocalist can all really sing. most groups only have a couple of good singers and the rest are okay to below average. i want quality vocalists who accompany each other well.”

stan brown eyed girls

“but is their rapping any good? a lot of rappers in kpop are pretty weak”

stan brown eyed girls

“i want a girl group with a sweet bond though”

stan brown eyed girls

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basically, if there’s something that you want in a girl group… brown eyed girls probably have it.

no but can we talk about girl group bonds for a second and how awesome they are? so many girl groups have divided fandoms and rumors swirling about member drama and not to mention all the girl groups disbanding these days but why don’t we talk about awesome bonds more often? brown eyed girls have been the first girl group to last 10 years without having any member changes. most of the members of after school have maintained a strong bond even with all the member changes. first generation girl group s.e.s, disbanded in 2002, got back together for their 20th anniversary and put out new songs. looking through @miss-a-atlanta‘s “fei” tag warms my flippin heart cause there’s just so much china line in there, even since jia’s departure from miss a last year. wonder girls are so close i probably don’t even need to clarify that for anyone. honestly girl group members still supporting each other after years of being around and sometimes even going down different paths is possibly my favorite concept ever and i think it should be more appreciated.