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[U-KWON (Instagram)] I truly believe that such acts of abuse on animals who can’t even speak for themselves should seriously not occur. Just how tormenting it must be. If they were to exchange their positions, then they would be able to know what a disgusting act they committed. I really can’t believe that someone would actually commit such cruel acts on these innocent animals who only live while staring at their owners. I would like to request your signature for this person to receive the appropriate punishment. 
I shall leave the link under my profile.
I would like to request the signatures of everyone who loves animals. 


Show Me The Money 6 - Hip Hop Spring and Autumn Period (EP. 1 Preview)

I want block b on that show where they take care of babies. I can imagine kyung and kwon being the sweethearts. Pyo gonna be the most affectionate and prob the one the kids like the most. Hyo is gonna be the one who actually knows what he’s doing. Jiho and taeil gonna put on their swaggy cute bs they always do and hyuk is just running around trying to take pics of him with the babies for ig.


Show Me The Money 6 - Producer Performance