g: au

Person A and B are in a relationship and plan to announce it to B’s parents over dinner. A accidentally gets a bit of food on their lips and B points to their own lips to silently signal for them to wipe it off. A misunderstands the signal and kisses B. Bonus: B recovers from their shock and licks the crumb off A’s lips during the kissing. The parents, while horrified, were betting on when they’d say they were dating the whole time because those damn doe-eyed looks were definitely not platonic.

um… so why don’t we have a legally blonde au where frat star!tony gets dumped by his dbag of a boyfriend!tiberius and goes to harvard law school just to spite him and while there he meets assistant teacher!steve while working on professor stane’s case and he and the other interns have to prove that clint barton is innocent of the murder of his mentor, phil coulson 

okay but does anyone remember those au’s where you see everything in black and white until you find your soulmate?

okay but why aren’t there more of these au’s in danganronpa.

adding onto this, au where you start seeing things in black and white again once your soulmate dies.

imagine fuyuhiko believing that the whole soulmate thing is bullshit, because he’s seen things in colour ever since he can remember - but then when he wakes up in the hospital after peko’s execution, all he sees is black or white.

imagine kazuichi seeing things in colour after a while on the island, and rushing out to try and find sonia - asking her if she sees it too - but is completely heartbroken and lost when she says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

imagine during one of akane and nekomaru’s fights, they both stop and stare at each other halfway through it - “hey, did the island always look like this?”

imagine hajime waking up on the island and suddenly seeing everything in colour, before realising there’s someone standing over him

bonus: imagine hajime watching komaeda’s breakdown during the first trial knowing that this person is meant to be his soulmate.

but seriously, how would you be able to stand roommate!Michael? he always leaves his stuff out, never throws away his trash in the kitchen, and is always always eating your food! one day, he’ll have left the milk out and you will have had enough. you would huff all the way to his room and not even bother knocking on the door before swinging it open because if he was going to act like a child then you would treat him like one. and he’d be playing a video game, mostly naked except for boxers, and you would just throw the empty milk carton in his lap. he’d look at you, really confused, and you would lay into him. “If you finish the fucking milk, then throw away the empty carton!” he would feel a little amused that you’ve just come to make him throw it away, but he would refuse. “you can just toss it in the bin.” you’d shake your head, not losing your stance and as he tried to hand it back to you, you would shove his hand back. “you made the mess, now pick it up!” his cheeks would flush cause he would think that it was so attractive, the way you were yelling at him and just being so upset. so he’d decide to just mess with you, throwing the empty milk carton across the room with a sturdy “no.” and you’d shoot him a very nasty look before speaking through gritted teeth, “go pick it up and throw it in the bin, michael gordon.” you had heard his middle name before when his mum came to visit but when you used it, he stared into you with a dark and scary intensity. “and if i don’t?” you would want to laugh so bad at his question out of frustration, but you didn’t because your adrenaline would just be rushing through your chest so you’d stand your ground and firmly say “or else i’ll have to punish you!” you hadn’t really meant to say it, the words would have just fallen out of your mouth in your messy emotional state but honestly it wouldn’t matter if you meant it or not because michael would just be all over you, and you’d both be pulling off clothes and having incredibly angry sex. and then every single time he pissed you off, instead of fighting you would just keep having angry sex until you felt better.

–Written really quickly for wanksclifford’s and defcliff0rd’s blurb night.–

ok but waterworld au mad max where everything is pretty much the same but war boys have oceanic scarifications with shells and waves and stuff
and the vuvalini used to live on land, but the waters rose so it’s just a rocky shallow place populated by sharks and stilt-walkers that eat raw eels
the rig is a massive sailboat so when angharad hangs off the side, the water sprays up in front of her so she seems to be riding upon the waves only to have her footing slip and she disappears underneath the waves
max turns to furiosa and grimly tells her “she went under propellers”
idk I just adore waterworld and mad max (the two big apocalyptic wasteland movies)