g: aoa

I don’t understand why some people blame Seolhyun for everything bad that happens to AOA. When their last comeback didn’t do too well they blamed her saying it was because of their scandal, now Choa’s leaving and they’re saying it’s her fault because she’s the only one that got pushed and she didn’t support Choa. Like y'all just enjoy finding any reason to hate her and it’s tiring. She didn’t make Choa leave the group, Choa came to that decision on her own. If you want someone to blame, blame FNC.

I’m really sad to hear about Choa leaving AOA. I actually got into AOA because of her. She had charm to her character and her voice was what attracted me to her and her group’s music. But to hear that she had been struggling with depression this whole time and had forced herself to smile through it all really put my perspectives in a new light. Any idol can be suffering from depression or anxiety and we wouldn’t know. Be it the member whom we call the sunshine or the angel of a group, they can be forcing themselves to act happy. This shouldn’t be surprising to hear, but it should be reminded. Again, I’m sad to see Choa go, but if she is leaving in accord to her mental health, then I am thoroughly supporting her choice.

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